Bedtime rountine for the boys

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I was asked by BritMums to write about my bedtime routine for my sons as part of the #Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge.

Well we all know routine is good for kids as they know what to expect and they are creatures of habits which makes them happy and content.

My sons get very tried at the end of day, that is why I try to create a calm and slow downtime when it is getting close to the bedtime.

We start with the bath to get them feeling nice and clean.  This also allows myself or my husband to take it in turns with one supervising the boys in the bath whilst the other gets the room tidy. Putting away toys, getting the clothing ready and making the room darker  with the blinds down. This helps to create less stimuli so less risk of getting the children wound up. Both boys can get very excitable and because they are tired arguments and tears happen.So keeping it simple and as little as possible with what is happening at the time helps  keep a calm environment where everyone is happy.

Then next on the agenda is getting the boys into some pj’s as another signal for the boys that it is bedtime hour so they are prepared and know what is happening. With my youngest who is still in nappies I use Bepanthen to help make sure that his skin is smooth, and as he wees serious amounts and poos at times it has resulted in redness around his bottom. Which is very uncomfortable for him especially when sitting down or trying to get get comfy in bed. Bepanthen has helped ease the soreness and it is really good for his sensitive skin. Also the barrier ointment is not the right consistence and not to think that it doesn’t absorb probably. So applying that with his nighttime nappy I have witnessed a reduction in redness and it has helped make it more comfortable for my son to settle at night. Bepanthen is an ointment designed for nappy rash and to moisturise the skin. It has also been clinically proven to help with sensitive skin ideal for little ones.

Having a hot drink of milk helps fill the boys tummy up as in the past I have experienced times when my son has woken half an hour later after being tucked up and crying because he didn’t have a drink. The milk also warms the belly up and helps the boys get sleepy so they are ready for a good night sleep.

Finally we sit together with cuddles on the sofa to watch a favourite cartoon which currently is Shaun The Sheep. Lastly, we end the routine with a  reading book to help relax and calm them down for when we take them for bed. It becomes less hectic and they know once the book has finished it is time for bed no questions asked.

During the summer the biggest help I would say to help settle little ones when it is so bright outside is having a black out blind. I have also over the years of being a parent noted that keeping the room minimum with the least amount of clutter helps the boys not get distracted and can focus on getting their heads down for a sleep.

Cheers for reading X

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10 thoughts on “Bedtime rountine for the boys

  1. We’ve had a regimented bedtime routine since the kids were babies, and sticking to it definitely works. My two are in bed asleep without fail by 7.30 every night. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS, hope you can come back again Sunday after next x

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  2. I think having a solid routine is great – means they know exactly what is expected of them. We have had a bedtime routine ever since we had my eldest who is now 6. It’s adapted slightly over the years but the essentials like bath, story and bed are there #KCACOLS

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