Autumn Bucket List

Hey readers,
I can believe we are fast approaching autumn, though I don’t mind because it is my favourite season.

I have previously done a Summer Bucket List and I found it to be a really good motivator to do some fun things with the boys.. Shock horror I managed to complete it all.

My best advice on doing bucket list that I have learnt the hard way is don’t so too much, make simple and enjoy it.

  1. Get some fur cones and use them ti paint with.
  2. Make a fruit pie. 🍰
  3. Walk in crunchy leaves 🍃
  4. Go for a hot chocolate 🍫 ☕
  5. Visit a pumpkin farm 🎃
  6. Watch a Halloween  movie.
  7. Make leave art.
  8. Watch the fireworks 🎆
  9. Go for a autumn family walk in a country park.
  10. Make some fall slime.

Cheers for reading X

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

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