Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Hey readers,

We have reached September where the evenings are getting darker and that little bit cooler as we are fast approaching Autumn (22 September). So I am going to celebrate why I love Autumn and why it trumps over other seasons.

Pile of knitted winter clothes on wooden background, sweaters, knitwear

1) Woolie jumpers to get cosy and snug.

Hot Chocolate

2) Hot chocolate to warm off that coldness.

Senior couple throwing leaves in the air

3) crunchy leaves to jump and walk in is the best.

Family Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

4) The air feels fresher and crisper.

Woman and foggy forest.

5) Walking in the park is much more pleasurable watching the different colours changing.

Ground cinnamon

6) The smell of cinnamon makes my nose twitch with joy.

Feet warming at a fireplace with coffee

7) Hot drinks and putting your hands around the cup is so comforting.


Cosy and soft winter background,candles on a blanket

8) candles and wanting to stay in with blankets and books is a real joy.

The misty road (2)

9) I really like it when there is tense fog and I can’t see anything. It feels closed in and secure.

Feet in comfortable and warm woolen socks

10) Fluffy socks keeping your toes lovely and toasty!

Happy Autumn,

Cheers for reading X

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14 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Love Autumn

  1. Some lovely reasons to love Autumn! We have 3 of the 4 of us with birthdays in autumn too, plus our wedding anniversary, so more reasons for us to love it. I’m clinging onto summer today though! KCACOLS

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