Hey readers,

My word of the week is pants. I feel like trash, I am hormone and I always struggle with the week back from the summer holiday due to change and my autism.


I know I could of wrote school because my son starts this week but I have been constantly  banging on about it.

Plus this week I vowed to be more honest with myself. Yet again I go through a period where I am paranoid about what I write on the blog. It stems from hubby and in laws going on about everyone is watching you, yadda yadda ya. To be honest I don’t really give shit anymore as if the great legends of our time took that view then change would never happen. I know I have no influence but it is beautiful when you just let go of them anxieties.

I will write what I want to write and if future potential employees judge me so what but to be honest I will get judged instantly anyway because of being autistic anyway so going be fucked so what the hell. Life’s worth loving!

On a more brighter note here is my son dressed for his first day of school.


Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

16 thoughts on “Pants 

  1. Your son looks adorable, I hope he’s enjoying school. Life is pants sometimes, but well done for not worrying about what anyone else thinks, be true to yourself x

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  2. I am still recovering from the holidays and BAM! first day (and now week) of school happened. I think we need a week off from the holidays to adjust before school. Hope you get better. I have those moments too thinking a lot of what I am writing about would backfire to me when I am looking for a job or a friend. But I have to be honest with myself first and foremost. If they wont get me for being honest about my feelings maybe its mot meant for me to work in there. #wotw

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