Them Vs You

Hey readers,

Today has been shit, full of anger and change which makes my autism flare to the limit. 

When you have a partner who doesn’t understand how change is such a big deal for you. I get the feeling they want me to snap out of it and be an ‘adult’. But how can I be when they make me feel little little. They are constantly changing things around . They almost forget my autism. When I am this enraged I feel my voice and ability to communicate go. My autism has got it’s way again and now once more I am shattered to pieces. I feel nothing but then I feel too much.  I can’t won and I am forever losing this battle.

This NT world is full of controdctnaty but now I am in a relationship it takes away my autism apparently. 

I have shutdpwn, wondering around lost and hopeless thinking is there any point?!

All the things that help me stay in control and meaning have been snatched away.

I feel an unconvince for everyone. Though hand on heart know I work more then most to be a good parent to my child. Sadly, it is me who only notices the effort, even when I am struggling I still keep going. 

Like this post, I don’t really know the point, I just feel lost and lonely!

Cheers for reading X 

Best of Worst

4 thoughts on “Them Vs You

  1. I’m sorry to hear you have had such a bad day and have felt so misunderstood. Is there anyway you can explain and make your feelings known…maybe show your partner this post. Keep going, as you are doing a brilliant job putting being a Mummy first and hope things feel a little easier soon. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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