Ten reasons why I hate being a woman.

Hey readers,

Sometimes as a female it is hard, it sucks and frustrating. Here is my ten reasons why I hate being a woman (sometimes).

  1. You have to have a period every month and not only is physical matter but it messes you up mentally as well. Then when you are pregnant you think you can miss this.oh no wait until after you are cursed with a period for 28 days, Β full on heavy wirh a new born, joy!
  2. So much pressure to be a certain way and we get so much judgement from the outside.
  3. Having to deal with the bitchiness of the sisterhood(not all women mind).
  4. Having to wear bras is horrible and so dame uncomfottable, ugh!
  5. Child birth is hell and painful. Just image a watermelon coming out of your fufu.
  6. Can’t take your top off in the hot weather unlike the other species.
  7. Hormones are hard to deal with.
  8. If you kick off or in a bad mood people put it straight down to ‘ time of the month’.
  9. Social stereotypical pressures, just becuase I am female does not make me a good parent or any idea as to what the hell I am doing.
  10. Running for the bus and your bangers bouncing about. Seriously, if I could chop them off I would they are merely an inconvenience.

Cheers for reading X

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51 thoughts on “Ten reasons why I hate being a woman.

  1. Brilliant list! My partner and I have frequent “discussions” (arguments) about how physically difficult it is to be female – and you should see him when he stubs his toe and don’t get me started on our vasectomy chat – he is scared of it as he will have one needle inserted into his balls, poor lamb, did he not see what children did to me. Rant over πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh my god yes. I spend about a week every month lying on the sofa muttering “I wish I was a man”. Then again, it just proves that women are so damn metal – who else can bleed for a week every month without dying? πŸ˜‰ #KCACOLS

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  3. I am so over having a period. At least in the past I could see it as a marker of my fertility, now I don’t want to get pregnant I’m kinda done with it. I swear if dudes had periods we’d have found a way to eradicate them #MMBC

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  4. I’m sorry but I’m laughing at the “running for a bus and your bangers bouncing about bit”!

    I’ve seen a few comments about how uncomfortable bras are. I might have to slip one of Mrs OMGs on when no one is around to see if this is true.


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