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My word of the week is

Because we have had some fun with having a picnic and watching the Flying Scotsman an the volcano which was lovely to be in the open air.I also had a playdate so had five kids in my home which for me is very anxious time. This is new territory for me as  I was the one who arranged it even though I was very anxious about it becuase of my autism. But went well and my son loved playing with his friends so it was worth all the anxieties to see his face.

On Tuesday I started a course for a bit of me time in the evening all about water colours and drawing l. It is great to try something new for myself and my wellbeing.  I am not sure if I will be any good at it but it is getting me out there challenging myself.

The rest of the time inbetween I have been flat out with a cold. It so frustrating as my energy is very low. Hopefully I will shift it soon as such an unconvince when I am a mum ūüėČ 

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The Reading Residence

Ask a stupid question day ‚Ěst

Hey readers,

Do you know that today is ask a stupid question day?

Well now you know that wonderful little nugget of information. Here is some of the stupid questions I have heard.

  1. How much is this? Asked in poundland ( I may add this was before there some stuff sold more then a pound in Poundland).
  2. How many calories in a snot?
  3. My wife wants to eat her placenta but I don’t know whether she can becuase she is a vegan?
  4. How do you tell which side of the chip is salter?
  5. Why do I feel so depressed when drinking alcohol?
  6. If you write about failure but it doesn’t sell, is it called success?
  7. Isn’t Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?
  8. Why aren’t blueberries blue?
  9. Why isn’t chocolate considered a vegetable when it is made out of beans?
  10. If ‘goes without saying ‘ why say it?

I shall be kind and won’t disclose who told me these earth shattering questions, I shall just allow you to enjoy the pleasure of reading them ūüėČ 

Cheers for reading X

Diary of an imperfect mum

What I miss about the 90’s!

Hey readers,

Remember the decade of the nighties, can’t believe it is so long ago but lets take a moment to celebrate some of the gems of the 90’s

1) Being a child and not giving one thought about responsibility or care about the consequences, them were the days when you didn’t have to battle your way through as an adult.

Feet, Shoes, Sneakers, Legs

2) Making my own mix tapes with cassettes (yeah them things ūüėČ ) and the real effort of getting the timing right so you get he start and the end of the song.

Cassette, Tape, Audio, Music, Songs

3)  You were less reachable, there was no such thing as social media, well apart from dial up and that is another story. If you wanted to reach someone you had to call them and that would have to be after six as well.

4) I loved playing Mindsweep, what a simple but addictive game.


6) I loved Goosebumps books that I could lose myself in. They were a little dark but that was what was so appealing to me.

Image result for goosebumps book

7) The time when Freddo’s st 10p, shock horror and you could get sweets for 1p.

Cadbury's Freddo Chocolate Bar  - 60 pieces

8) Jim Carey brought out quality films and he was God in the cinema world.

Image result for The Mask

9) Things had more meaning to them as they were harder to get cds or books. They seemed to hold more value because of the cost and the fact that you had to saves ages to get something. There was less of it making it more appealing and valuable.


The best game ever was Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive.



10) There was less violence in the news compared to every single day there is some horror story about something or other or maybe because I am rose tinted glasses on and a little biased.



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Best of Worst

Ideas to make your home spooktacular for Halloween

Hey readers,

As October is fastly approaching I thought why not put a wish list of all things Halloween themed to give that extra chill fact. I hope they inspire you with some ghoulish ideas!


  1. Pumpkin lanterns string lights from Matalan for £5.99.
  2. Pack of 2 spider cob webs with spiders from Amazon for £2.59 + free p&p.
  3. Happy Halloween banner from  Waitrose for £4.00.
  4. Creepy pumpkin 2M tinsel form Wilko for £1.00.
  5.  Halloween Light Lantern with Flickering LED Candle from B&M for £4.99.
  6. Hotel Translavina DVD from Amazon for £2.99.
  7.  Orange and black balloons 10 pack from Wilko for £1.00.
  8. White pumpkin ornament form T K Maxx for £9.99.



Whatever way you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a frightful time!


Cheers for reading X




‚ÄčHey readers,
My word of the week is

This is becuase it has slowly been getting that bit by bit darker, which I have been enjoying as it is my faviourite time of the year.

I have loved cooler evenings, watching more films, reading more, snuggles under the throws and pillows.

Anyway, I shall also mention my eldest who has started to really enjoy reading his books and learning to write his name. He loves reading his book fron school to us and his brother. There are as no words in the book and he just loves chatting away in great detail about all the things that are happening in the picture.

 As someone who learnt to read and write at the age of 10 I know how important it is and you could say I am a little more encouraging then  to help enjoy it. Though to be fair to the boy doesent really need much encouragement at all as he is has such much love for learning that I don’t have to worry! 

Cheers for reading X 

The Reading Residence