A family day out in London

Hey readers,


The other day me and the family went on a venture for the day to London town. I be honest the thought terrifies me but we did it and had blast. The weather was a mix bag but to be fair most of the time it was fine for us. We drove down I don’t think I could manage the train which means we could take it easy without having to worry about getting to places on time and take a more relaxed approach to the day.


As we were driving into London we saw the beautiful Saint Paul’s Cathedral.


We did venture on to the tube, I am glad hubby was with me because it is a bit mind blowing with all these zones etc! I also have to mention the tube assistant was so helpful with making sure we got the cheapest and suitable tickets for us. Also we were on the bus slightly confused where the stop we wanted and a lovely women helped us, so belief it or not people are friendly and helpful in London.


Whilst walking through London we stumbled upon a piece of art with this tube of paint with flowers coming out of it, can’t be a bit of quirkiness to brighten up the area.


Stunning Tower of London.


Me and the boys. I like to point out that it was amazing the amount of urban parks outside at least two tube stations I passed, which I think is just brilliant for families.




awww the iconic shard, the tallest building in United Kingdom.



The Carnay Wharf the hub of business for London.



As tourists we had to stop at every famous building and take pictures. This is one is where the Mayor of London hangs out (City Hall).


Beautiful London bridge, we got there in time for the bridge rising.


The boys enjoying the walk across the glass floor, I however, was a little dubious with it being so high 42 metres above the River Thames to be precise.


My hubby was obsessed with the Walkie Talkie building (AKA 20 Fenchurch).


awww the manic mother smile ๐Ÿ˜‰


My boy has been pestering me for months to go on the London Eye. Today was the day his dreams came true.ย IMG_2187IMG_2184IMG_2290


The views on the London Eye were breathtaking, I definitely recommend this attraction.


London at night is so beautiful or lit up and chaotic.


Le Shard in the evening.


The Gerkin (AKA 30 St Mary Axe).


The Royal Exchange.

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18 thoughts on “A family day out in London

  1. Do you know, I live in London. Right on the Piccadilly line, takes me 30 mins on the tube to be in the centre of London and I think the last time I ventured in was about three years ago! I love seeing London through the eyes of visitors. I should get a bit less lazy about living here.


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  2. I’m hoping to take Archie to London for the first time in February. I want to take him to see a West End show but not sure what else, so some good ideas here! I think he’s like the London Eye & the glass floor! #DreamTeam

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  3. It looks like you had a really busy day. I can’t believe how many sights you got round. London = work for me, so at the weekend we usually try and get out of it. So it’s lovely seeing it through the eyes of someone visiting. I think I should appreciate what we have on our door step more. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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