Hey readers,

My word of the week is


This is because the sun has been shinning and the boys have mainly requesting to visit the park. I took advance now as we all know that rain will eventually greet us!

I have been forcing myself out when sometimes like to hide away, because you know people are scary ;)! I digress I have been upping up my walking and pushing myself that little more. We went out as a family for a walk for two three hours and it has been fun. Where we live locally there is a plantasia and a maze world. There is a cute little farm and we even got to see the little baby chicken which was super cute!

In other news I don’t whether it is phase or not but my eldest has really been pushing my buttons the past two weeks. he has proper got an attitude and speaking back. I struggle to keep calm and not get wound up. So I had a couple of times take myself away as I am learning to with new challenge. Patenting never ending challenges that we have to deal with and adapt, joy!

Hope you had a good week.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

15 thoughts on “Walking

  1. The weather has been lovely hasn’t it 🙂 ideal for getting out and about. My son is 12 and getting to be the same.. everything is NO! and my 9yo daughter has been like it for 2 years.. LOL!

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  2. walking sounds good (Wish I could!) I had planned on a picnic with my little ones but it’s such a struggle to get out sometimes. i used to take them for long walks along the canal, I really miss that, but I can still get to the park, if I can just get them out! Good luck with the attitude problem, in my experience you probably only have another 25 to 30 years to go with it. Seriously, I feel like grounding my 27 year old sometimes!

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  3. It has been lovely for getting out and about….It sounds like you have made the most of the sunshine!
    hehehe! Sometimes it’s easier to give yourself a time out rather than dealing with the attitudes of children x


  4. Weather has been okay and so perfect for walking! Like you I am scared of people and just yesterday some girl said bad words to me in front of her family and my son, the parents didnt do anything. This made me more scared to go out but I have to go out. I just try to go out when there are not a lot of people and try to keep a safe distance. #wotw

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  5. The weather has been glorious and getting out and about walking – whilst we still can, before it rains – can only be a good thing. I think the summer holidays can sometimes add stresses to all of us – hopefully it is just a phase which will pass as quickly as it came!

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