Cosmetic Procedures You Can Have Done In Your Lunch Hour

‘Lunch Break Procedures’ are becoming more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why. There’s no painful recovery or the need to take time off from work, and you can get fantastic results in a short space of time. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to change about your appearance then there’s no shame in taking the plunge and having it done, anything that leads you to be happier and more confident can never be a bad thing. Here are some of the procedures currently available that you could technically have done in your lunch hour!

Lip Injections

Big lips are definitely in. Everyone is rocking fuller pouts in 2016, but one of the best things about lip fillers is they’re not actually permanent- meaning you can experiment with this look without worrying that you’ll change your appearance forever. Lip injections last for around nine months, without topups the filler will gradually break down and your lips will return to normal. What’s great about this is if you love your new lips you can have a small topup done whenever needed, but if you decide you’d rather return to your old appearance you can simply let them wear off. They cost a couple of hundred pounds, but in the grand scheme of things are relatively inexpensive especially compared with other forms of cosmetic surgery. Your lips will feel slightly sore and swollen right after having them done, but you can happily go about your day with no need to recuperate.


Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is like a much safer, easier and less painful version of liposuction. Once fat cells drop to a certain temperature they literally self destruct, and can then be eliminated by the body. Fat freezing lowers the temperature of fat on stubborn areas without causing damage to any of the tissues. Just like liposuction, fat freezing is designed for people who are already at a healthy weight but have areas of fat that don’t decrease with diet or exercise. It’s not a weight loss technique so something to bear in mind. Sessions take around an hour to complete, and you’ll see results after just one treatment although it’s recommended that most people go back for one or two more. Stubborn areas of fat can be caused by genetics, age, giving birth and even stress. If you’re sick of seeing no results in certain areas even after working out and eating healthily, this could be a great option.


People worry about frozen looking faces and having no expression, but done well botox can be subtle and make you look more youthful. Who wouldn’t want to get on board with that? It’s most often used on the forehead and on crows feet around the eyes, and causes the muscles to relax and the wrinkles to soften. It’s worth being aware that botox wont have an effect on wrinkles caused by gravity (sagging) or sun damage, but for most people who have noticed signs of aging it’s a good method for bringing back a fresh faced look. Botox takes a few days to work and show the effects, but the procedure itself is very quick and you’ll only experience minor discomfort.


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