Hartley Your Lunchbox {Review}

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Thinking back to my childhood and the thing that pops up that I clearly remember is jelly and making it in the funky jelly moulds. I am still as an adult partial to a bit of jelly and ice cream!

My son is starting school in September and I know he enjoys the novelty of opening up something in a tub or a box. Therefore, having the opportunity to test out the Hartley’s lunch box, stickers and jelly I knew it would be a hit with my boys.


If you are unaware of Hartley’s they are a popular household name and know for making jam and jelly. Hartley’s make jelly in the  traditional jelly cubes you dissolve in water you make at home or alternatively there is the option of  ready made jelly pots. The jelly comes in a variety of flavours from strawberry, tropical, lemon and line, apple, blackcurrant, raspberry and cranberry so there is a flavour to suit everyone.

The jelly pots have no added sugar or artificial colouring or flavours. Plus they are fat and gluten free so they accommodate lots of different diets.

The pots are sugar free and are only 10 calories per pot. They are perfect for this weather as they are refreshing and tasty to boot. However, the flavour is a little diluted compared to the full fat jelly but I don’t mind a comprise.

The jelly pots are great as you can buy them individually and the size is ideal for lunch boxes or picnics out in the park.

Both my boys like jelly and the fun factor of it being wibbly wobbly, which gives it an element of fun. Which is a great way to encourage to try something new or if they are unsure about it. Alternatively, I have found the jelly pots great for a healthy snack during an afternoon.

Obviously,  the best tip for a quick and hassle free lunch is a carpet picnic. I don’t have many but when we do we get the picnic rug out and sit on the floor to eat our meal. For the boys this feels a real treat. I have also found that with my boys they behaviour better with sitting down. I suspect that this may be down to the excitement of eating in a different setting.

When using the jelly pots I have found them really useful in being quick and easy to get ready. I even have less items to wash up which is a life saver for any parent.

The boys had in the lunch box smoked salmon with creme cheese with a hint of a lemon and black pepper on soya and linseed bread. A small pot of spicy couscous, sugar free soft drink and a Hartley’s raspberry  jelly pot. After the first photo was done we gave them second lunch box with the same in so they had one each.



Hartley’s Jelly have rolled out nationwide in July the opportunity to bag yourself a Hartley’s lunchbox through a collector scheme. All you have to do is collect the 12 special green lids from the No Added Sugar Jelly Pots (115g). You will then be entitled to a free Hartley’s lunchbox with the Hartley character stickers and alphabet stickers to help personalise your own lunchbox. You can claim the price here Hartley’s Jelly.

Cheers for reading X

This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly http://hartleysfruit.co.uk/.

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