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Well my word of the week is:

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This is because we have been slowly buying the items of the LONG list of stuff to get my boy for school for  September. He got his pimsoles which are needed for P.E. this week and he was super excited when trying them on that I don’t think he wanted to take them off. Brings backs so many memories of me wearing the ghastly things at school way back when…

We are umming and arring when to get his school shoes from Clarke’s. I know they cost more put we think it is important to get comfy and well fitted shoes especially being in school for such a long period of time. But we don’t want to get them too early in case he grows out of them!

We also checked out a new park locally to us this week. It is not a massive park but it is a new one that we have not explored before. I think it is lovely place, especially as there is a big green space to have picnics.

I must try harder in looking at venturing out and seeing more of what my city has to offer. My son really enjoyed it when we went as I was brave in letting him take his scooter. Especially on the bus, as for me makes me feel a bit anxious with space etc. However, it went well so that was all good and in gives me a boost in my self esteem

Hope you had a good week.

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12 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. I’ve also bought little T’s stuff for school. Most of her school uniform still fit her and only bought new polo shirts, blouses and underwear. Like you I still have to buy her school shoes and definitely agree that they should be comfy and Clarks is a good choice 🙂 #wotw

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  2. Ahh! I have been planning what we need for back to school in September.
    You are right not to buy the shoes too early….We bought my youngest some this time last year and by the time she went back to school she’d grown out of them….lol Oops.

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  3. My daughter starts secondary school this year and they sent us a voucher to go and collect all her uniform and her bags for FREE!! how cool is that! All I have to buy now is shoes, I do like to go with Clarkes because they tend to last longer at school.

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