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This is because the game has dominated my life at the moment,  ok I enjoy it but my eldest loves it too and it is a great way to bond together too.  Plus it is such a great way of getting outside and not spending a fortune. Now I have learnt about Pokemon stops. I know I am a bit slow but since I have mastered the main idea it is a lot more fun to go out and hunt pokeballs with the boy. There is lovely feeling about escaping into a  virtual relativity, especially as now I am a parent I spend most my time adulting. Therefore, it is great to have time to switch off. It is fun to recreate that excitement I got when I played Sonic as a child on the mega drive!

A highlight of the week is going to visit Burton Dassett Country Park which has stunning views on top of hills looking over Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. It is lovely to be out in the fresh air and just take in the scenery in. Plus it fantastic spot to do a bit of kiting, check the pictures out below.



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16 thoughts on “Pokemon

    1. It is funny when you see people out and about doing it. A Pokemon stop is a point of interest whether be a pub/park/museum or what ever it has a circle when you get close, press on it and swip then you get free pokeballs 🙂 X


  1. Wow, great kite flying and beautiful views. Were there any Pokemon up there? I bought my boys a sim card so they could use my old phone to hunt Pokemon while we were away (without losing my phone to them!), but sadly the phone was too old to download the game. Not such a cool Mama 😦 . #WotW

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  2. I’ve not got into this but am enjoying seeing how people are using it to get out and about, using it as another bond in relationships is fab too. People (yes those ones) often have a negative view about such phenomenons but so far this seems unfounded here. Have a lovely week #wotw

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