Summer bucket list 2016

Hey readers,

It’s summer and what possible way can you celebrate it with doing a bucket list (also a great way to gather some activities for the kiddos). So without further ado here is my summer list for 2016 which I shall attempt to do it all, fingers crossed!

  1. Fly a kite. ✅
  2. Go to Burton Dassett as it has great hills for a walk and beautiful scenery. ✅
  3. Make some bread. ✅
  4. Visit a new Park. ✅
  5. Have an outdoor picnic.✅
  6. Get to level 10 on Pokemon Go. ✅
  7. Do a summer scavenge hunt.✅
  8. Get an ice-cream cone  🍦 ✅
  9. Splash in muddie puddles. ✅
  10. Go strawberry 🍓 picking. ✅

Hope you have a lovely summer of fun.

Cheers for reading X

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56 thoughts on “Summer bucket list 2016

  1. Ooo I wanted to go strawberry picking too – can you believe I’ve reached 38 and never done it!? But alas, I think we’re too late aren’t we!? Level 10 on pokemon made me laugh – so you’re addicted are you? Have yo tried Geocaching? You might like that if you enjoy walking/getting outdoors and scavenger hunts (kinda the two rolled into one!)

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  2. Great bucket list! I’ve just posted our August bucket list too, we have a few similar things 😀 Enjoy the ice cream cone, yum! xx #KCACOLS

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  3. Oh what a good list, good luck ticking them off. Although I hope there aren’t too many muddle puddles lurking around! Thanks for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you can come back again next Sunday.

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  4. Aw you made one! Great list!! Do you bake bread or is it a new thing for you to try? I bought a breadmaker but it sat in the cupboard and never got used. I sold it on Ebay in the end! Hope you make something delicious. #KCACOLS

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    1. I have made bread before but struggled due to problems with instructions. My hubby however is ace at it. I got a bread mix thing really simple to do with the kiddios it is stressful to do the whole process with them.We did have a bread maker but got a magimix so don’t really need it X


  5. Fab little list! A picnic is an absolute must in the summer isnt it, and so is straweberry picking which we’ve luckily managed to cross off our list already 🙂 Really should create a little bucket list for us to do, great idea! Emily #KCACOLS

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  6. Hi, I so want to have a go at Pokemon Go! But there isn’t an app for the Windows phone. I don’t even like Pokemon, I just want to see if there are any around here and up in the hills! Splashing in muddy puddles whilst eating a Mr.Whippy 99 ice cream sounds like a plan (alongside a Pokemon, ofcourse!).

    Hope you manage to do everything on your list.


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  7. I desperately need to write a simple Summer bucket list as I wake up each morning not having a clue what we’re going to do that day and it usually ends in soft play. Fab ideas here. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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  8. Great list, I do like a good Summer bucket list. Although this year mine was all about days out because I’m on Mat leave :)! I am still to truly understand the fascination with the pokemon again but then my too are probably too young! #MarvMondays

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