Expecting House Guests? Follow These Steps

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Have you got family and friends coming to stay for a special occasion? renting out your spare room to holiday makers? Either way, it’s time to start creating the ultimate space for them to sleep and relax in. For most homeowners, the guest room is a dumping ground that goes unnoticed and unused for the majority of the year. It’s a place to store those items you want to keep but don’t use often. It’s also a room that doesn’t get decorated as often as the other rooms in your home. When you invite guests to stay, particularly those who are paying, you want them to have a fantastic experience in this room. It doesn’t have to be spacious or overly fancy. It just needs to be clean, tidy and comfortable. So to help you create an incredible guest room that your visitors never want to leave, follow these steps.



Replace old with new

If your guest room has not been used for a while, it will undoubtedly need updating. So before you do anything else you need to access what needs replacing. This depends greatly on how much time you have before your guests arrive. Starting large renovations the day before is of course not a good idea. So try to plan ahead as best you can.

One element of a guest room that many homeowners forget to replace is the mattress. A worn or damaged mattress won’t give your guests a peaceful night’s sleep. So check the condition and assess whether it needs replacing. If it does, look online at latex or pocket spring mattresses from John Ryan by Design. Another part of your spare room that you need to check is your bedding. Does the bed look and smell clean? If not, give all of your bedding a thorough clean and make sure it’s dry and ironed before putting it back on. If you find that some stains cannot be removed, or there are rips, start looking for new and beautiful bedding online. You can’t go wrong with white, but don’t be afraid of colour either. Also, make sure you replace your pillows and ensure you have a variety of sizes on offer.

Another aspect of your guest room that might need updating is the decor. It’s likely this room needs sprucing up to make it look brand new. You can replace tired looking wallpaper with sophisticated styles by Harlequin wallpaper designers . Or just use a fresh lick of paint to bring vibrancy and interest back into the space. In addition to this, you could replace your window treatments, light fittings and carpets. This will provide you with an enhanced overall look and could allow you to charge more when you rent the room out.



Think like your guests

To give your guests the best experience possible, you need to start thinking like them. This will make it far easier to know what to include in your guest room. While the look of the room is important, it should also be practical and functional to use. So think about what you would want to be included if you were coming to stay in someone else’s house. Clean, fluffy towels in varying sizes is a top must-have for house guests. Buy the best quality you can afford as they are more likely to last longer. These should be neatly folded and placed on the bed or stored in the en-suite or bathroom. You should also provide other bathroom essentials such as toothbrushes, toilet paper and shower gel. These are things that many people forget to pack, and your guests will love that you’ve make the effort to provide them.

Storage is another thing that most of your visitors require. Especially if they are staying for a long time or have children with them. You don’t want them to be living out of a suitcase for the stay, do you? So start clearing the wardrobes and drawers within your spare room. You could buy some extra hangers and make more space on the surfaces too. This should give your visitors sufficient space to unpack their belongings which will make the room feel more welcoming. Pens, paper and water glasses will also be welcomed additions to your room.

While it’s good to provide space, try not to make the room feel too clinical and sparse. It’s doubtful that your guests will feel comfortable in a room that lacks personality of any kind. You could display books on the bedside table or on shelves within the room. Or use wall art, candles and flowers for decoration. This will make the space feel more homely and more enjoyable to spend time in.




Create an information sheet

While you are making the final touches to your guest room, take the time to create a fun information sheet. This is particularly important if you are having paying visitors, but family and friends might also find it useful too. This sheet should have useful information such as the wifi password, your address and contact information. If the room has an en suite, you could also include instructions on how to turn on the shower. For out of town guests, remember to include nearby attractions too. Restaurants, cinemas and shopping centres could all be places they want to visit during their stay.

Just make sure your information sheet doesn’t sound too much like you are setting rules and restrictions. This will be off-putting and may make your house guests feel uncomfortable. Keep it fun and stick to bullet points. The last thing your guests will want is a long essay to read just to find out your wifi password. Position it somewhere in the room where they will see it such as on a desk or on the bed.

You should now have a guest room that looks more loved and far more appealing for your guests. Whether it’s for renting visitors or family, they will no doubt want to return again and again. Just remember to keep it maintained with regular cleaning and tidying to keep it looking incredible at all times. You never know when an unexpected visitor might need a bed for the night.

Cheers for reading X

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17 thoughts on “Expecting House Guests? Follow These Steps

  1. Wow this is such a nice post. I love making the guest room all cosy for people.a nice excuse to buy new cushions ha ha. When our friends have stayed in our house whilst we’ve been away I’ve loved pulling together info sheets on the local area and best eateries! I also leave little
    Notes on their pillows if I need to thank them for something. thanks Mummy here and there xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this, and the pics are fab. I’m in the process of buying a house at the moment and for practical reasons, I am going to have to make the best bedroom the guest room (it’s a loft conversion, and I don’t want my son’s room to be on a different floor to mine, so guest room will be the loft!) I’m determined that it will be a really lovely room and I’ve got loads of ideas. Hopefully I’ll be posting about it when the time comes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are great tips and gorgeous images. Our guest room only got decorated last summer but it’s unfortunately used as a bit of a dumping ground!! We did have a little clear up recently so it’s passable for friends to stay, although I don’t think we have anybody staying soon anyway. Mostly I use it for drying clothes when it’s wet outside!! #bigpinklink

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Our spare room (I won’t call it a guest room, as it is so small, we could only invite mice!) is certainly last on the list for decorating, but I’ll certainly bare these tips in mind. Xx


  5. We have just had house guests (ten of them in our rather modest three bed house) and it was absolute chaos, but we took the time to make sure every room was nice for whoever was sleeping in it and even gave up our own bedroom so our guests with children had room to all sleep together! This is wonderful post, will certainly be bearing it in mind for our next stayover! #bestandworst

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooh, such gorgeous pictures to match these really great tips!! I’d never thought of putting together an information sheet for guests-such a good way of explaining everything to them, while making sure they are doing everything the way you’d like it!! Soon we will be moving the children into the same room (they’ve asked to share!!) and will have a room to decorate. We are also hoping to convert the loft, so may have 2 rooms! I’ll have to come back to this room for inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Our spare room has just been painted and looks great but we need to sort curtains and bedding too. Thing is hubby also has his office in there! Need to kick him out and get him to read this!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Aww this is so useful thanks. Our spare room is a right tip, it’s basically uses as a storage room and whenever people come stay it’s a massive job to sort it all out. Definitely need to give it some love and attention xx #bestandworst

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