Ten things July

Hey readers,


Hope you are coping with summer holidays and not enduring too much squabbling if you have two children, like me who feels a full time referee.

Anyhoos, here is my ten things that have happened to me recently.

  1. I  completed a very basic photography course but it was great in getting my juices flowing and be inspired to not just constantly have my camera on auto.
  2. I also completed a course in mindfulness to see what all the hype was about. It is not really my think but some things I have taken on board and found helpful.
  3. I have been enjoying the sunshine and getting shed loads of washing done, whoop!
  4. I am loving easy going mornings and not feeling like a headless chicken to get the boys ready for  nursery in the mornings.
  5. I have upped my exercise and trying to get more fit as I have hurt my foot recently causing me a lot pain when walking. So that has helped me feel better and of course nothing beats going out in the fresh air.
  6. I have joined in with the craze that is Pokemon Go and it is fun doing it with the boys. Great excuse to go out and hunt the little animals down 🙂13671343_1771948833048899_226754563_n
  7. I have finally got round to purchasing a laptop. Oh my word it so much better then my tablet with the processor and saves me a lot of time sorting blogging stuff out.I am a lot quicker at typing compared to the tablet which is a bonus! 13652014_506998359496956_621744928_n
  8. I set myself a challenge to read more and it has been great to just get lost in books. I have had really bad anxiety so this has helped make me feel better more productive.
  9. I have felt really inspired to write more stuff on the blog and get loads of ideas for content.
  10. I enjoyed spending 1-2-1 time with my eldest and I took him on his first tram trip which he loved so much.13767675_230555340676292_1718058262_n



Cheers for reading X

A Cornish Mum
Best of Worst
3 Little Buttons

17 thoughts on “Ten things July

  1. OOh really interesting courses esp in mindfullness. I have heard a lot of good, esp for anxiety. I bet the Pokemon is making you fitter and more active too!! Hope you have a lovely time over the summer and get some chill time too! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and here’s to some more blogging x


  2. Sounds like you have been a busy bee. I love photograpghy if you have the money do The Photograpghy Institue course It is amazing I learnt so much from it.
    As for books I highly recommend I am Pilgrim #bestandworst

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  3. Wow you have been busy! Your photography course sounds great and I’m in awe that you’re getting into exercise more…must try harder 🙂 I’ve been trying to get back into reading too…thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

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  4. Love your July list – you have achieved more in one month than I have in an entire year!
    I’m dying to give Pokemon Go a try, with my girls. Is it easy enough to use? I’ve downloaded it but havent given it a spin just yet…
    Enjoy using your new puter, how exciting!!
    enjoy Aug…
    #dreamteam xx

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