Starting School

Hey readers,

My eldest starts a new chapter in his life in September. He starts school and here is when it is a turning point, where I worry about what will happen when social pressure rears it’s ugly head.

I have already seen the impact of my sons decisions he has made based on the influence of his nursery friends. Small things but noticeable things. Such as he randomly wanting a England football t-shirt because his friend had one. He wanted it right down to the same number on the back of the top. I am fine with him having choice and pleased that he knows what he wants.  But I also know the power of peer pressure and the need we may have to want to fit in. I worry how it will impact on my son. I would love him to have the confidence to be his own person. I would love him not to be swayed by others but sadly we are reaching that point that you lose a tiny bit of your child and now we now simply have to adjust to the ever changing direction of my son’s journey through childhood.

It is scary and I do worry whether my son will get bullied or he will bully others. That being said he might not be either of this, which would be brilliant.

You think you know  your child until you have an opportunity to secretly watch them out of sight and you realise that they are slowly becoming their own person. What you think you know of your child can be totally wrong especially in a different environment such as nursery. I have witnessed some behaviour in my son that I would not see in is home environment.

I just hope me and my husband can teach our son that he can be his own person and that if he does not want to do something that he can say no. I want him to know he can always trust myself and his dad and we are always there  to talk if at all he feels anxious or needs advice.

It is awful to let go of being primary carer and allow other people to come along and be my son’s life to influence. I can not now at the tender age of five wrap him in cotton wool all the time though I can give hot chocolate and cuddles when needed. Lets face it one day my son won’t be a  child, he will grow into his own person where he will have to stand on his own two feet. All I can do is trust and hope that he turns out not too damaged. regardless of whatever path my son takes he knows that he is loved and accepted for who he is.

I suppose it is not just  a turning point in his life but a new chapter for me as a parent when my son slowly grows further in to independence and I am not needed as much as a guidance but just a warm hand of support.

cheers for reading X

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22 thoughts on “Starting School

  1. Gosh, the thought of leaving my child at the school gates and worrying that she won’t do well, she won’t like her teachers, she’ll get picked on, she won’t make friends….all of that turns my stomach. Yet I tell myself it’s not SO different from pre-school, even though of course it is. Thank you for sharing for #effitfriday and I hope it goes well for you and your son in September. Enjoy the summer, ever second of it!

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  2. It is a big change for all of you, and I hope it goes well. Hopefully the teachers will be good communicators and greatly involve you in your son’s education. Good luck for September, and have a great summer x

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  3. I am sure your little boy will be fine 🙂 It’s always hard sending them off to school, and yes there are sometimes tears.. and from the kids 😉 they say to me “I want my mummy” I say “yes.. so do I” they get a hug, they get a tissue and they go off to play. Seriously though, you could ask for a home school diary if you wanted to, that way you can write anything you think they should know and vice versa 😀 enjoy the summer! and try not to worry too much 🙂

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  4. Awww, I completely relate to this!! Sounds like you have done a fab job so far and the fact that you care so much and are so aware of this can only be a really positive thing for him. It is so sad when they grow away from us but that is our job, to raise adults who can cope in the world without us. Good luck and I bet he will make you really proud!

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  5. I remember this feeling but you’ll both be ok. It’s such a milestone and one that takes some getting used to for both parties but school is a great place full of important lessons. #MMBC

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  6. I think the fact that you’re worried about these things show that your son will continue to be a happy, independent person secure of his place in the world. At the end of the day all we can do is let them know that no matter how old they are we’ll always be their home (with hot chocolate available at all times). #effitfriday

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  7. It’s such a huge deal starting school, I still remember my first day. I have a little while until I can empathise but I really hope he loves it and you all adjust easily. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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