Hey readers,


Have not written any poetry for awhile and tonight felt inspired to type away. So without further ado here is the poem.



Motivation where are you?

I need you here with me right now.

I’m lost and I don,t know where to go.

You’ve gone and left me to my own devices.

why did you have to go and vanish?

I am nothing now but a mess.

I wished I listened and acted,

Instead of hiding and wishing it all away.

you were my only friend I could rely on.

Now I am silently alone again.

No one hears my cries,

The battle with me and mind

We argue like cats and dogs,

But with you around I could escape,

Forget about them dark thoughts,

Emerge myself in some sort of work.

So please come back.

I promise to listen,

No one pushes me in speed mode,

Or gets me like you do.

Please come back.

I promise I will listen.

You are my friend and guided light.

Without you I am nothing mere a mess.


Cheers for reading X



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