Ten misconceptions about anxiety 

Hey readers,
I am autistic and anxiety seems to go hand in hand with the condition most of the time. So I have had some personal experience of the condition.

But we all suffer from anxiety in various degrees. In actual fact it is natural and at times very helpful. The downfall is if anxiety is prolonged and has a significant impairment on your mental health it can evolve into a anxiety disorder. Therefore being a REAL condition.
A lot of people seen to have an opinion on the common condition of anxiety. I want to breakdown some of them myths associated with anxiety.
1) Over acting – I know there are some people out there who think people who suffer with anxiety are being over the top in dramatics. I can tell you there is nothing more hellish then suffering with anxiety and feeling like you have lost control. I don’t know anyone who would want populise anxiety. I do my best to run away from the situation and shut down. I feel embarrassed and don’t want people to see me being so weak. Not to mention how exhausting it is mentally and physically.

2) Having anxiety is nothing – trust me it is your own worst battle and so hard to keep up what is the truth. You self doubt everything and feels like a constant battlee with your thoughts inside your own mind that you can not run away from. It is very scary at times and feel like you are stuck feeling like this anxious state will be with you forever.

3) Relates to childhood – OK anxiety can be down to childhood experiences partly in some causes. Though that does not always have to be the case. Personally I can get anxious over the situation as a result of how my autistic brain is wired. It responds different to new situations  and I automatically get anxious regardless of how many times I have had successful experiences trying something new. I still go into pilot mode of fear.  I was born with Autism and it is something that wont go away but I can make small steps to change and try to manage better my anxiety.

Also people develop anxiety when they are older maybe from bullying or stressful situation and causing anxiety. There are so many reasons why people have anxiety that you can’t possibly pinpoint it on one theory.

4) Just forget about it – well if only it was that simple. I mean don’t get me wrong distraction techniques can help but it can take time to manage anxiety that it is not a simple case of forgetting it. For me my anxieties happen when I am sleep so even though I try to sleep to escape, I still can’t run way from it in my unconscious state. 

Sometimes it can take a long time to recover depending on the situation. I am not always aware I am anxious and just have the physiological symptoms rather then the classic thoughts.

5) Anxiety is a choice – this to me seems a crazy thought. Though at times it can be scary to adapt new changes. The prospect of trying something new especially when it comes to therapy is is daughting. It can be so easy to stay in the situation as it is safe and even though it is hell you know what is happening. That doesn’t mean you want to live in the hell, it means your scared. Especially if you have lived with anxiety for years it is hard to visualise changes when old habits have developed abd formed for so long. Which kinda links with point four where it does take time and sometimes can’t sort the problem our straight away.

6) Just take a pill and get over it. No if only it was that easy. For a fact it doesn’t cure the anxiety. It helps take the edge of the feeling and can help make you think more clearer bur you still have the anxiety. You still have to work at it and it takes time for medication to kick in. Also as we are different with different genetic makeup what works for one person might not work for another when taking medication as we are all different.

8) Illogical people have anxiety. Ok with anxiety it does distort your thoughts but it does not mean to say that the individual is an illogical person. You could normally be brilliant at balancing out reason but one area of your life is unevenly balanced. You can be brilliant at giving alternative explications to friends problems but totally unrealistic about your own.

9) Anxiety only affects anxiously natured people. False like anything anxiety can strike anyone regardless of background, personality or wealth. Just because you are socially confident does not mean to say you don’t experience anxiety. That person maybe be just better at masking it.

10) You pass out when you have a panic attack. Actually you don’t because you have an increased heart rate due to the panic therefore you will not pass out. Even though at times I have wanted to your body is in such a state of alert it doesn’t want to shutdown. It wants to be awake to protect you from any danger.


I hope this has helped people get a better understanding of anxiety. As you  can tell it is a very complex disorder that experienced by many different people and in different ways. That is why there are so many different anxiety disorders.


cheers for reading X

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25 thoughts on “Ten misconceptions about anxiety 

  1. You’re so right, people cannot just “leave anxiety at home” and just forget about it!! it’s part of us and follows us everywhere. It pops up at the worst moments and catches us by surprise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on anxiety. We need to talk about it more x #brillblogposts

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  2. When my son was going through the process of being diagnosed with autism, his psychiatrist at the time told me I suffer with anxiety and how right she was! I know exactly what situations make my pulse raise and my hands sweat and squirm (usually anything involving people, even ones I know), and tend to focus inwardly to cope (if I can’t avoid the situation).

    Anxiety can’t be forgotten or ignored, although I do believe that my interest in photography has helped me do things that my anxiety used to prevent me from doing. Taking photos detaches me from what’s going on around and helps me focus in a different way… And stops me visibly squirming, which my daughter is always picking me up on.

    It’s something that’s in the family for sure, my Dad is the same (my Mum is the opposite and doesn’t understand). Anxiety isn’t something that just stops, it’s something a person learns to live with.

    Unless a person suffers with anxiety it’s hard to understand just how tiring and stressful can be.

    Fab post!


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  3. This really is such an important topic to post about. Mental health is often forgotten about, and it is literally JUST as important as physical health. Anxiety is such a tough condition to live with, and I don’t think people realize how it affects every single aspect of life. If only we could all just forget about it… Thanks for sharing! ❤ #KCACOLS

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  4. There are so many misconceptions about mental health out there – and this is great. I suffer with anxiety and in fact last week I had a attack of anxiety so bad it was horrendous, my worse one yet and I hope that I never suffer as bad as that again! #KCACOLS

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  5. There is so much misunderstanding around anxiety and depression, I totally agree with all of your points. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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  6. I always appreciate people advocating and helping get the word out about mental health issues. So many people really don’t realize that anxiety can happen to anyone. I have a tendency to get anxious around groups of people I don’t know and it’s hard for some people to understand. Thanks for sharing all of this. #KCACOLS

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  7. I can’t believe that some people still think these statements. Anxiety touches everyone at some point in their life and pills sometimes are not the answer… A great topic to write about #KCACOLS


  8. Helpful information. I have always struggled with anxiety & panic attacks, and I agree that people have a lot of misconceptions about it.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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