Summer Time Fun

Hey readers,

July is swiftly approaching which means *big Gulp* SIX WEEKS SUMMER HOLIDAYS! This is draughting and challenging prospect for most parents to keep our little ones entertained.

Here’s some of my personal parent confessions that have helped me ease the pain of chief entertainer.

Need a break but pretty low on funds go to Ikea. They have a creche and it’s free.   Two hour break while they have fun burning all there energy. That means you can have guilt free time on social media and have a well earned break!  Plus the food is cheap, win-win in my eyes!

Let them get bored, it’s good for them to entertain themselves and not rely on you. If it gets to breaking point do a test. Walk out the room for five mins, though be best to tell the children that you are going for a break. Which by the way is allowed and no crime because let’s face it you need to now and again to keep you sane. Yeah they moan at first but amazing how they quickly distract themselves. Don’t feel guilty as I believe this is important skill for when they are older. Also there is something about boredom helping with creativity.

Remember it is OK to have a break you are human. Let the other parent look after them and go out for a while for some self indulgence. Even if it means getting a can coke from the shop sitting on some grass and reading a book. It gives you time to switch off because no one in their right minds enjoys the company of an individual 24/7, no matter how cute they are! It is important to have time away just so you get time out for yourself and don’t let the situation get to boiling point. I find it stressful especially when they are young the relentlessness to go and be yourself for a bit other then being a ‘mum’. Plus it helps them not favour the individual so much and appreciate other people in their life.

If all else fails go cinema on the cheap dry or when it is wet as it a safe activity that is cheap and a change of scenery l. It also gives us adults a change for a snooze in the dark, haha!

Sometimes there is so much pressure to spend, spend, spend to keep children entertained during summer. Don’t if you can’t afford something then don’t do it. Yes you want to give your children it all. But money can’t but everything and it is good lesson to teach kids you can’t get everything. Being honest and true full to your child is a excellent way of bullying trust on your relationship. It sure makes them value stuff more.

If your desperate to get out go for a walk around the block abd get some sweets. It helps break up the day and the children get excited over the small stuff.

Finally, to keep the kids entertained try getting a snall selection of toys each  day and rotate them around so they don’t get bored. Keeps it fresh and exciting for them.

Cheers for reading X

This post is an entry for BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor.

8 thoughts on “Summer Time Fun

  1. Hello! Joining you on the Britmums Summer Parent Challenge, and I agree with all those suggestions wholeheartedly. Actually, I haven’t visited Ikea since before I had children, but my friends tell me it is quite useful. We have a countryside cafe and craft centre locally with an outdoor play area for children which is perfect when we need a break 🙂

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