Ten things I loved about May

Hey readers,

Well it is now June so I am going to reflect on the ten good things that I have enjoyed or achieved.

1) I have lost 4lbs on Slimming World plan.

2) I have gotten more independent with taking both my boys out myself.This is really challenging for me as an autistic person.

3) I have enjoyed eating more salad with the recent warm weather.

4)I have started a photography course and really had fun experimenting and learning new photography techniques.

5) I have completed a parenting course. I have learnt so much and gained more then I ever imagined.

6) My husband has painted the boys bedroom and which is really lovely finally to get the time to do some work around our home.

7) stumbling across the new zero Lucozade which I am so pleased as I love Lucozade so great healthier option.

8) I have enjoyed trying out the new
Delieveroo service for a review of my blog.

9) I have enjoyed reading a couple of books. You know when you get totally engrossed and can’t wait to read it.

10) Watching my eldest son make leaps in his speech since the last couple of weeks with the help of speech therapy.

Cheers for reading X

Pink Pear Bear
You Baby Me Mummy
A Cornish Mum

15 thoughts on “Ten things I loved about May

  1. Aaah, it sounds like you had a very successful month! Well done on the weight loss, and doing things around the house is always so productive! It’s lovely to hear that you’re getting your confidence up going out with your children, I can’t imagine how hard that must be for you. And watching your sons speech flourish must be making you so proud!! I’m in awe that you got to try deliveroo!! I can’t wait to try this service-food at any time from my favourite restaurants seems just so exciting!!

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  2. Wow Lucazade! Hven’t thought of it for years and now I can even ‘taste’ it just thinking of knocking back a cold class on a sunny day. Amazing what can trigger a profound memory. Thanks for that and glad you had a good and slimming May Jo 🙂

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  3. I would love to do a photography course, I hope it has been going well? Well done on the weight loss and other achievements, it sounds like a great month.

    Stevie x #TenThings


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