Liberal parenting

Hey readers,

I am writing because I am bit of pissed off. OK, now and again I test my sons listening skills. He’s two sometimes he is co-operative now and then he is not. Learning from my past with my other son who has gradually become more mature and listening. I believe that you have to give them some power in order to gain trust. Maybe because that is how I felt as a child. I have been in all different environments so experienced many different types of parent styles as I have been in care etc so feel gave me broad understanding and experience. I digress so I let my son freely run around the shop, I know bad parent. But learnt to grab his hand and he stayed with me then. But properly best not to have done it in the shop or when I was having crappy day. But what the hell in for a penny. Still I pop to this shop today and got talking to the shop keeper. I took offense when he called them terrors and the fact he said that the boy liked running around the shop. I don’t know maybe I am sensitive but really pisses me off. I was on my own with two kids trying to shop. I am crap at multi-tasking  or maybe I am just a shit mother. But at what point do you give them power. When do they learn?!  Now just going have the lead on him at all times. It makes me sad though cause I believe they have to learn at some point and yeah they are kids. But it worked with my eldest. Slowly little bit at a time he learnt to be more mature and listen. Anyway I am proud of being a liberal parent not full hog but definately swing that way. Though I do believe in some boundaries but giving trust as well. Anyhow I needed to rant. It’s fucking hard making decisions and love gown quick it is for people to comment and make judgement. Like you don’t know what is going on through my head.

Anyway, thank you for reading X

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14 thoughts on “Liberal parenting

  1. Tough times! We’ve all been there, and it’s so great when people are supportive and you don’t feel judged. You’re doing a great job! #StayClassyMama

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    1. Thanks oh God yeah, it is nice to read into alone sometimes you think it is just you and being a crap parent.
      It is a nightmare at tge moment my eldest has decided start encouraging his brother to misbehave abd it is so dame hard to deal with one then the other. That I usually get home in an anxious mess X


  2. I think you are doing a fabulous job as a parent and anybody that tells you differently is a knob ; ). You should allow your kids freedom, they’re kids! They will never learn if you keep them at your side forever. Don’t listen to that man in the shop, nobody should tell you how to parent your own children. Thanks for this thought-provoking post and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  3. I’ve learnt to let things roll off my back, when people tut at me I try to remember the things about my boys that they aren’t seeing, the smiles, the politeness, the love. The values they hold. Not the 10 seconds they run off or don’t listen (10 seconds, who am I kidding…..)

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