Why daddy you rock!

Hey readers,

On Sunday it will be Father’s day so I want to celebrate the daddy to my sons in this post. I have jotted down some reasons why daddy rocks and why we are so glad you are in our lives.

1) You break down things simply and easy to understand. Partly because of your nature and the mere fact you live with an autistic person. This has helped my boys learn and communicate well with you. It has also taught me how to talk better with the boys as I make things far too complicated.

2) You are always there 100% for the boys and take an active role in fathering them. I think you are a really good role model and teach our boys that both mummy and daddy have skills that they can both teach you.

3) You listen to the boys and are honest with the answers. This has provided trust and security for the boys. They know that they can come to you with any worries and not fear of any judgement.

4) You just want your sons to do there best. It is hard especially once you get into the environment of school that there is pressure coming from different angles but you have also let the boys decide what they like as long as it is suitable. for example not allowing my eldest to watch  Keith Lemon even when he is so desperate to watch him as he thinks he is funny in the mobile adverts!

5) You don’t put expectations on the boys as long as they are happy you will support them. If they don’t like football that is fine, if they like pink that is fine for example.

6) I am so glad your not macho and have a passion for equality and fairness for everyone.

7) You are the glue that keeps us all sane in our home. You are a great delegate and can come up with solutions to problems whilst mummy has a wobble.

8) You are the one to teach them all the intelligence stuff while mummy dances around being a silly billy.

9) You work around the family and put us first.

10) When daddy does something he puts his whole heart in and never cuts corners. He is very talented with design and ideas.


Cheers for reading X

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15 thoughts on “Why daddy you rock!

  1. Oh I absolutely love this post – so positive and refreshing. You sound so lovely – well you both do! Your kids are lucky to have you both x


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