What to do when you are a blogger insomniac

Hey readers,

Sometimes I struggle to sleep. I have had sleeping problems all my life. However, I am now on medication. But last week I messed up my medication so I ended up not taking. Because it was late and  if I did take my medication it would result in me feeling  dead the next day. Which would not be cool when you have two kids under five and you need to have the energy of super women. So when I am bored in the late hours wondering what the fuck to do here is my list of my ideas to keep you amused. Thank God I do blogging as well as it sure does kill time, haha!

1) As a blogger you can never be too organised. One idea is to catch up on all the blog posts that need to be done for the week.

2) I join in the linkies so a great way to pass time and be super prepared is to comment all on the ones that need doing. At least you can relax a bit more in the week with the spare time and catch up on some sleep.

3) Pinterest kills time in a instant. Any old shit that you can think of can be found on this social media platform. It is great mind fantasying and activating your creative skills even if you are just dreaming that you can do, still fun to make boards with ideas/inspiration. That is the place to be my friend and at least it can save you money compared to going on Ebay ;).

4) Get writing and do a brain dump of potential blog ideas. This point can also be linked to number three as there is a host of information about ideas or prompts to get your moving in the right direction.

5) If all else fails then  that don’t fear as there is always old faithful YouTube to help take your blues away.

Cheers for reading X

Pink Pear Bear

My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

12 thoughts on “What to do when you are a blogger insomniac

  1. You poor thing – insomnia is just the worst, especially when you’re a parent.
    I love pInterest when I can’t sleep! Like you, I imagine all the stuff I want to have and do, places to visit, and then I feel sad because I’m not a millionaire 😉

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  2. insomnia is horrible 😦 at least you’ve found a way to past the time. My mummy sometimes finds it hard to sleep because she’s over simulated with tech. Being a blogger lends itself to late night post writing and commenting though!! 😉 #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. I know I shouldn’t – as I know it must be a nightmare! – but I actually wish that I was an insomniac, just so that I could squeeze a bit more into my day! Unfortunately I need 8 hours to be able to function and I sleep like a short course of death. (I know I know, and my diamond shoes are too small yadda yadda). Great tips though hun! Hope you get some rest soon. Thanks for sharing with #fartglitter x

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