June 5 under £5

Hey readers,

Well it is June and it’s time for 5 under £5.


As a mum I can never have enough of tea towels. I love the bright colours of these ones and from Primark. They cost £3.50 which is grand and makes me one happy mama!


2) Another item from Primark (I know I spend my life in the shop) a hair accessory/band for £2. It is something different to jazz your hair up. I love the festival/Boho vibe perfect for this time of year.


3) I am currently doing Slimming World and this beautiful Lucozade is zero free. Cost £1 but worth it for a healthy option.


4) A magnetic calender and planner. It cost £3 from The Range. Perfect to familiar my sons with days, weather etc.


5) Piece de resistance is this Mr Men multicoloured pen fron Home Bargains at a cost of 99p. I love Mr Men and Little Miss books so this a fun accessory. Although not sure how much I will get to use it as my eldest has took a shine to it 😉

Cheers for reading X

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4 thoughts on “June 5 under £5

  1. I am a bit of a Primark fan too! Also, am just about to embark on a Slimming World run too, I need to get back on it after realising my summer clothes have shrunk!! Will look out for the lucozade 🙂 Thanks for joining in! x


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