FTMOB 23/05/2016

Hey readers,
My eldest is proper getting into conversations which has blown me over with laughter recently.

1) We were walking in town recently and walked past a pub where to women were lightening up a cigarette. My DS1 says, ‘ that women is smoking, she is going to die”. Omg don’t know whether to laugh or die. He is currently still fixated on death put particularly has an interest in why people smoke even if it kills them. He also now every time he sees a no smoking sign tells me. He then wants to go in great detail aboutit.

2) DS2 is non stop churning words out from his vast vocabulary. Loves sheep, rabbit (his cuddly toy), Alan (his dad) and the list goes on.

3) DS1 wants to talk a lot about Lady Godiva as we have the big statue in town. “why is she died mummy,where is she”. My response, “people don’t live six hundred odd years and if they did someone would be very rich indeed!”.

4) My eldest the other morning said to me, “I want a bicycle, skateboard, cake, remote controlled car and football figures (the ones from Lidl you get free if you spend X amount). Which I can guarantee he has seen all from adverts of the telly. Including the cake seen on Ceebeeies during the birthday announcements.

5) in the lift with a stranger stuck all the way up ten flights my DS1 loudly announces,” Mummy that man smells”. Cue the embarrassment and I have nowhere to hide!

Cheers for reading X

Little Hearts, Big Love

9 thoughts on “FTMOB 23/05/2016

  1. πŸ™‚ I can totally relate to the demands they make after watching a few adverts! At least your son wants things that have some sort of appeal to kids! My boy keeps saying things like “We need some cillit bang for that. It’s the number one cleaner.” Hmmm.
    x Alice

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  2. Oh dear, I was cringing with you on the last one – don’t you just love it when kids do things like that? Good to hear the no smoking message has been well and truly heard by your eldest and I love his questions about Lady Godiva. Adverts are a nightmare aren’t they – thankfully my two only watch CBeebies or DVDs which helps to minimise their exposure to them! DS2’s vocabulary really sounds like it is expanding now. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob πŸ™‚

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