Deliveroo (review)

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I was fortunate to be asked to review the deliver company Deliveroo. So, I decided to order a take away on Saturday as we had a busy afternoon with visits so we wanted something quick and easy. It was a great family feast for the family to enjoy together.

Deliveroo is a place where you can order online takeaway and they will deliver from the resturant to your door. Whether that be at home or even in the office. Deliveroo operates everyday fron 12 noon till 11pm at night. Bear in mind though there is selected restaurants and not all eateries are open all the time Deliveroo does. So make sure you check the list in order not to be disheartened.
When you order from Deliveroo all you need to do is type your postcode into the seach engine on Deliveroo website to find which restaurants are available to you locally. I found the website really clear and straightforward to use.
What is also good about Deliveroo is that it gives you an estimate time for delivery. Which is really handy if you have children and want to plan around time.
You have to spend a minimum of £15 and there is a delivery cost of £2.50.
One downfall I feel is that you can only tip prior even if you have had a bad experience you still need to provide that tip. However, there is no pressure to give a tip and the choice is yours.

We opted for some food from a resturant called Las Iguanas We have never tried the resturant nor Deliveroo service so was exciting to try something new and alternative to the formal way you eat out. Because apparently the new trend is to stay in with a takeaway 😉

Anyhow, what you do is sign up with Deliveroo. On the homepage of Deliveroo you  type your postcode on the search engine and select a resturant from the list. Then menu is really clear and well descripted. I found the ordering really simple to do (which is not always something I am good at it). At the end of the order you add your bank card details. A bit of a shame Deliveroo does not have the option of PayPal but not too much hassle.
When the order is gone through you can monitor the process of what is happening. You get a email letting you know if your order has been accepted or not. Which I really like as you feel more in control and less anxious especially as it is all new to me.

As you can see in the screen shoot it highlights the process which has been completed. When the order has arrived there is a phone number and name of driver to content if any problems. You can even track where the driver is on Google maps so you know exactly what is happening (though I did not realise this at the time). Therefore giving you that peace of mind that food is coming soon.

It did take longer then it recommended by twenty minutes. Which I don’t mind as it was Saturday night and traffic could delay the driver. Plus it was also estimate so therefore only a guesstimate.

You can leave delivery instructions as well which I think is very helpful for the customer.

We live in a tower block that has a stupid intercom which does not have a ‘flat call’ button so the delivery driver did not know how to call through to our flat with the complicated keypad. But he got into the tower block and failing to get through to us on our mobile he phones his office who inturn phoned us so we popped down to get the food of him. Totally not his fault and he is really polite and courteous. We also spoke to the office and they were really friendly and helpful. Even ringing back to make sure our issue was resolved. Therefore having reassurance that customer service is really good so in future I know that I won’t have problems if anything else happens and it can get resolved quickly.

The food was really well packaged and insulated. It was like being at the resturant other then being in pj’s in the comfort of your own home. The food was fabulous and even the children enjoyed trying new flavours. The food was not soggy or cold. I thought it was well presented and well ordered in the bags.

Overall, I think you have to bear in mind if you pick a popular time then there may be a slight delay but it is worth it for someone to deliver for a treat and relaxed meal. My boys were super excited about someone delivering the food. I didn’t need to stress out with trying to keep my young children entertained and worry when they get bored and restless. Which is always a bonus. It provided a relaxed family meal which we could all enjoy at home.


Hubby chose coconut chicken with rice.




I opted for chargrilled chicken burger, chips and coleslaw.



Hubby a very happy chap tucking into his pork belly ribs.


This is my starter of a duck wrap with cranberry dressing.
The youngest happy to have finger food!
My eldest very much enjoying the experience!

You can find more information about Deliveroo here.

Cheers for reading X

 I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Research Panel, a group of parents Bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. We were treated to a meal by Delieveroo, in order to review their service.

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11 thoughts on “Deliveroo (review)

  1. Ooh I have heard of this and even seen a delivery guy in a restaurant but never tried it myself. I’d love las iguanas to be delivered to my door but alas, I think it’s too far from us! #triedtested

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  2. Sounds great! We haven’t used them yet but always see them whizzing about on their mopeds! I like the fact you can track them and see where your food is as well as, by the sounds of it, good customer service. Not sure about the tipping before your order arrives bit but on the whole we might have to give them a go! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve not used deliveroo yet but it looks great. I like the idea of being able to have restaurant quality food at home #triedtested


  4. I’ve only recently become aware of Deliveroo having see them a lot around Bath and London over the last week or so. We’ve yet to try them out for ourselves though.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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