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This is because my eldest has been off with a bug for a couple days. Therefore I have spend a lot of quality time with him.
Yesterday me and my DS1 went out on a mum and son date to do something fun. Well I know my eldest is desperate to fly a kit so got a mini one for now as the big ones freak me out a bit. I have never done a kite before but thought fot to start someone. So, to see how my son gets on and to help me learn we went to a fairly breezy area a bus trip away. I can confirm it so much fun and both of us had success with flying the kite. I absolutely loved it and so did my son. Surprisingly so relaxing and a fun outdoor activity to do. Not to mention how fit you get. Below is a picture of my son flying the kite 😁


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12 thoughts on “Quality

  1. We have a kite here that my mother in law bought but I have this idea that my son will get blown away when we use it! Yep I have weird imagination. It does looks like fun to play it when I saw people at the beach and look at how your son is at his element in that photo! #wotw

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    1. Haha I can understand but give it go and if he feels like he is pulling away tell him to drop it. It is only a kite then at least you have had a go. It’s free entertainment as well #winning X


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