Making an Idyllic Nusery For Your Newborn

Welcoming your newborn into their new home with you is one of the most joyous moments of your life. The time before their arrival is full of exciting plans and busy preparations to create a warm, safe sanctuary for the little one.

Whatever space you have, large or small, it can become a beautiful and special nursery.

So let’s start with the practical side of things. If you are on a budget, and who isn’t these days, then be sensible with your decorating plans. There are lots of beautiful colors in a paint pot. It doesn’t have to be expensive wallpaper. Floorcoverings can be soft, warm carpet that can be so welcoming as you pad into the nursery in the early hours of the morning. That’s right; baby will be demanding yet another feed. So try and go for one that is easy to clean and doesn’t show every mark or speck of dust. You may decide to go for a laminate floor, and you can find a huge range of shades and qualities. If the budget allows, consider underfloor heating. Keeping toes warm and avoiding having a radiator in the nursery can be a sensible and safe alternative.

Nursery furniture these days is glorious and you will be spoilt for choice. Try and visit as many outlets as you can to see their ranges and talk to their knowledgeable staff. Or look online; Cots and fitness from Cuckooland  can be browsed digitally. Providing a safe sleeping environment for your baby is paramount. Your choice of cot and cot mattress is something you should discuss with the experts. There is lots of guidance on the web, so check it out. Once you have found the right cot for you, you can then indulge in purchasing beautiful bedding to complement your color scheme.

You may wish to treat yourself and your newborn to a crib or moses basket for those early weeks. You will find static or rocking cribs. Some are ornate, or you may wish to go for a shabby chic look. A cosy moses basket can be transportable and easy to move around the home. You will find yourself spoilt for choice. Don’t feel overwhelmed; it’s okay to ask for advice!

Newborns will also require a surprising amount of clothes, diapers, and other essentials. This means you will need to give careful consideration to storage. You may wish to purchase a nursery wardrobe or chest of drawers. However, you may find that buying that cute little wardrobe becomes an expensive mistake. This is because not only will the clothes grow bigger but the actual amount has suddenly increased. Look at buying full-sized furniture if you have the space. This way you are then future-proofing your storage.

So, you have chosen your color theme and the furniture is ordered. Now you can think about soft furnishings and how you are going to create a tranquil sanctuary for you and your newborn.

Window dressing is a key decision and one where you can choose to be as simple as possible. You could just have a window blind to block out the daylight. If you go for this idea, then ensure you keep the baby’s cot away from the window to avoid any risk of baby becoming tangled in the blind cords. If you go for curtains then look for those with blackout linings. You will be so glad you did! As your newborn grows, you will want to create a cool dark place  for them to sleep and relax.

Keeping the cot clutter free is essential. However, you can let your imagination enjoy itself with the rest of the room. Look at the nursery walls and think about how creative you would like to be. Maybe a mural could be designed for one wall, or you could find some stencilsThen you can create a beautiful design to delight your newborn?

Browse for pictures to complement your theme. Or trawl through old photographs and put together a series of family photos in a large vintage frame to welcome the new addition. Providing a newborn with a stimulating environment may seem premature. But as the weeks fly by your early planning will be rewarded. You can hang almost anything from the ceiling as long as you put safety first. Ask yourself is it well out of baby’s reach, they are not newborn for very long! Is it well secured and there is no possibility of it coming loose or falling? Once you have ensured this is the case, let your imagination run wild! Hunt for unusual mobiles and consider both silent and musical. A baby in the early days is attracted to black and white so don’t feel you have to provide everything in bright primary colors or soft pastels. You can make them yourself ,with card string or ribbon. Then experiment with feathers, small soft toys, bells, and baubles. The list of possibilities can be endless.

You will find your newborn will be showered with gifts from happy family and friends. Make sure you keep space in your nursery to house the soft toys and other delights. A toy box or ottoman can be a beautiful addition to a nursery. Ensure it is a big as your room will accommodate and sit back and wait for it to be filled to overflowing. You can use the top as a seating area and decorate with cushions and a warm throw.

Let your nursery be a sanctuary and place for you and your newborn to get to know each other. It can be a place to sleep , rest, play and be together. All your time and effort in preparing for your newborn will be so worth its weight in gold. With any purchase you make, try and future proof. This will mean that as your newborn grows, their nursery grows with them. Be creative and bold in how you dress and adorn this special place, keep your newborn safe and warm in a sanctuary created just for them.



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