My Top Ten Frugal Tips

Hey readers,

I love a bargain and saving money particularly when hard times prop up. It can be hard to save but here are my tips that have helped me out in dark times.


1. Don’t  buy books before checking out your local library.  They have a wide selection of books that you can borrow for free. If you are unlucky and cant find something that you are looking for then check out Amazon for second hand books at a cheaper price then buying them brand new.

2. If you are looking for days out but want to keep the costs low check out your local council webpage. There are frequent free family events to participate in your local area.

3. If you need a haircut but cant afford the high prices at the hairdresses then check out your local collage. Though they are trainee hairdresses the prices are lower saving you £££s.

4. Check out Ebay or your local NCT sales as you can get great bargain childrens clothes and showes.

5. check out supermarket own brand. Sometimes it’s  better then the branded stuff.

6. When going shopping use a list and stick to it.  Easy way to stay in control and look after your money.

7. Clear out all your unwanted stuff that you don’t use. Sell in on eBay or your local Facebook selling pages and you can make a few quid.

8. When going to the park instead of buying over priced ice-cream from the ice-cream van buy a packet of lollies from the supermarket.

9. Look online for the deals. Particularly Martin Lewis website is a good one. It has the latest and up to date coupons and deals locally and nationally.

10. When making meals use more veg then meat. More healthy and cheaper way to bulk up a meal.

Cheers for reading X

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30 thoughts on “My Top Ten Frugal Tips

  1. Some good tips here, lovely. Our library is online and we can order books. Also there are loads of websites where you can buy secondhand books. I’m a book nut – can never have too many books. 🙂 X

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  2. Some really great tips here! I’m currently trying to save £1 week 1, £2 week 2 etc, three weeks in and I’ve managed it haha lets see if I still can six more weeks down the line! #kcacols

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  3. I love the nct sales, I’ve had some real bargains from them! And to add to number 10, lentils are also great for bulking out meals! x #KCACOLS

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  4. Great tips!!! Making a list before you go shopping is so so so sooooo important-at least for me.
    I find that when I don’t, I just walk around grabbing anything and everything off the shelf. Another tip to add onto that would would be avoiding the grocery store when you’re hungry! Ha. Thanks for sharing ❤ #KCACOLS

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  5. This is great! I love lists like this. It is always very useful. We do also buy supermarket brands. They are very good. We like Asda own brand the best. In my house I’m not allowed to do the food shopping as I’m always buying more than necessary so this is now a task done by my hubby lol. But believe it or not. We save a lot doing that!! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is so lovely to have you here. I hope to see you again this week! 🙂 x

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