May five under £5

Hey readers,

Only just found out about this brilliant linky but I’m going give it a whirl for the first time this month.

You can find out more about the linky here it is hosted by the lovely Rainbeaubelle.

So here goes….


1. First of we have a Citron watch for a £5.00 from T.J.Hughes. Which for a watch is quite good. I love a watch and I love polka dots so this was right up my street.


2. I’m a self confessed stationary addict. I brought these colourful Zebra pens from Sainsbury’s for £2. Definitely chear up your to-do list!


3. I have brought my first anklet for the year. it is definitely spring when you get your sandals out and you get your jewellery on, perfect. Again this anklet is from Sainsbury’s for £4.


4. I got this blending sponge with a Batman symbol on from Primark for £2. What a bargain.


5. I could not resist these grumpy cat sticky notes. Sticky notes are one of my stationary staples. They help me get organised which is essential when you have children. They are also from Primark for £2.

Thanks for reading X

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