Hey readers,

Last week my hubby decided to go to Sheffield as he had work to do and make a day out of it as well.

We decided to go to the famous Sheffield Winter Water Gardens. Which is basically a green house full of beautiful tropical plants.
Inside was also a free art gallery showcasing local art.
There was snooker on during this time in the gardens and my eldest had been watching it on TV. Therefore could indetify what was happening and really enjoyed watching them play and pocket the balls.




We also ventured outside which had several metal balls with water pouring over them.


I spotted a Scotsman playing the bagpipes fully dressed out to the tee. Which found refreshing change to the other types of music commonly played.


We also went further along outside to the peace gardens. It was a shame it was so bitterly cold thay day as there are wonderful water fountains that the children could of played in. It is really pretty against the council houses. Even though the peace gardens were located in the city centre it felt claiming against the hustle bustle of a city life in the background.




My eldest son took the two photos above. He wants to now take part in photoing. It is a great way to teach him responsibility with looking after our camera.

The boys loved chasing the pigeons.



Above my youngestson is getting so checky as he is getting older and certainly knows how to put on a pose.

I enjoyed taking snaps of the local artirecture. Check out this brightly coloured block against the industrial surrounds of Sheffield. It really does brighten up the area.

A famous block of flats in Sheffield.


We randomly came across a street in Sheffield full of brightly coloured housing on our way home.

Cheers for reading X

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6 thoughts on “Sheffield

  1. I love the snooker topiary! That is so cool. The fountains look like they’d be a lot of fun on a hot day. I can imagine them running through them all. So fab that your eldest is getting on board with the blog. Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

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    1. It is perfect activities to run jn fountains for toddlers. Yes it is a sixties design and think other buildings across the city have done similar design to their buildings. Which I find really refreshing X


  2. Sheffield looks nicer from the last time I was there! Maybe it’s your lovely photos! I love the snooker bushes out the front, very clever. Thanks for linking to #familyfun

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