You know it is half term when..

Hey readers,

I have seen may of associations with myself and other parents with children when it comes to half term. Here is my list of my favourites.


1) If it is sunny the ice lollies come out.

2) What bed time you say, we all need a break the rules it is a holiday ;).

3) At the beginning of the holiday it is so lovely having the kids off and spending extra time with them. Then at the end of the week I need a break from all the bagging about the bickering between the two boys. Let’s also not forget about the hell of boredom kicking in.

4) You need to add a couple more hours to do your shopping trip. Not only for your children but also all the other children clogging up the Isles ;).

5) You are guaranteed to spend more money on shite that you don’t need and to add more clutter to your home.

6) Every day is becoming a bigger mission to walk around your home because of all the toys everywhere.

7) You have explored every free art gallery in your area. The beauty of these places are that it’s free and your skint from buying all the tate that you don’t need. Not to mention that indoors which is always win especially with the unredictable weather of the UK!

8) You have been to the cinema at least once as it’s pouring again and you need to get away from one set of walls to go and be in another. What is better then being in a busy room full of kiddies on a sugar rush, Whoop!

9) Yet again your days are filled with Mr Tumble songs or equililant running through your head.

10) You go cold turkey with adult shows or YouTube vlogs cause you can’t hear them with the sound happy children arguing over a £1 water bucket.

Happy days and hope you had fun this half term.

Cheers for reading X

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Bus ride

Hey readers,



Here are the boys having a ride on the bus together. They love sitting together and chatting away whilst mummy is on the outskirts. They laugh, chat and sometimes in code that mummy doesn’t understand. But that is OK as they are great friends and have a blast. Who knows how long this will last but loving this moment where they love each other so dearly 😍 😍 😍

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Information overload

Hey readers,

This week has been a funny old week for me mentally. I seem to go through some weeks evaluating and reflecting who I am or what am I doing? Probably no dealt that I am over thinking everything and wonder what I could have done to be different.
Sometimes I get caught up with all the information I see online and yeah it is my choice, I go and click. It draws you in as there are so many wonderful and knowledge people out there. You start comparing yourself which I knowis natural but to what extend is healthy?!
I have an obsessive mind. I an autisitic and OCD so therfore more inclined to swing that way. Black and white thinking and trying to take it all in.  Which then makes me go a bit crazy and mad at myself. Why do I take things so seriously, I need to remember why I blog. I have a choice in what I want to do, it’s not a job. I think it is because I feel the blogosphere is so competitive. People are all about SEO or moz links or some kind of shit like that. It sucks the fun out of blogging. I want to hear about people’s ideas or raw feelings not bullshit about numbers. It is the same over Instagram with people talking about themes and scheduling times to get more likes. So much for the spontaneous shots that get caught up in th then moment that are just fun to share. Nothing calculated. It feels like it is back in the playground sometimes. It saddens me that authenticity seems to be going and it is all business like minded people wanting numbers.
For me it was a void to fill in as I was going some heavy stuff in my life when I first started out.  It distracted me from the pain and hurt. I really enjoy blogging on the whole so I am just going go with it, wing it. I’m going to try my hardest to not read into too much information out there. Just got to fall back in love and write.

Cheers for reading X

P.s. What is wrong with a hashtag on Pinterest. God I love a good hashtag 😉

Life with Baby Kicks


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


Am I the only one who struggles picking a word, so I just pick one that instantly pops into my head. So hence why warmth as currently the sun is shinning and it is a lovely temperature. We have enjoyed a good few days of sunshine which really lifts your mood. Not to mention the speed it takes to reduce the washing load. I know yawn but I can’t help it I am a mum and it is socially acceptable now to talk about suck exciting stuff, 😂.

We have had a blast the other day with the boys and playing in the local foundations in our city. It was lovely to just sit back and watch my boys play so nicely and lovely. Their bond seems to be getting stronger and stronger each day.




Cheers for reading X

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FTMOB 23/05/2016

Hey readers,
My eldest is proper getting into conversations which has blown me over with laughter recently.

1) We were walking in town recently and walked past a pub where to women were lightening up a cigarette. My DS1 says, ‘ that women is smoking, she is going to die”. Omg don’t know whether to laugh or die. He is currently still fixated on death put particularly has an interest in why people smoke even if it kills them. He also now every time he sees a no smoking sign tells me. He then wants to go in great detail aboutit.

2) DS2 is non stop churning words out from his vast vocabulary. Loves sheep, rabbit (his cuddly toy), Alan (his dad) and the list goes on.

3) DS1 wants to talk a lot about Lady Godiva as we have the big statue in town. “why is she died mummy,where is she”. My response, “people don’t live six hundred odd years and if they did someone would be very rich indeed!”.

4) My eldest the other morning said to me, “I want a bicycle, skateboard, cake, remote controlled car and football figures (the ones from Lidl you get free if you spend X amount). Which I can guarantee he has seen all from adverts of the telly. Including the cake seen on Ceebeeies during the birthday announcements.

5) in the lift with a stranger stuck all the way up ten flights my DS1 loudly announces,” Mummy that man smells”. Cue the embarrassment and I have nowhere to hide!

Cheers for reading X

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Deliveroo (review)

Hey readers,

I was fortunate to be asked to review the deliver company Deliveroo. So, I decided to order a take away on Saturday as we had a busy afternoon with visits so we wanted something quick and easy. It was a great family feast for the family to enjoy together.

Deliveroo is a place where you can order online takeaway and they will deliver from the resturant to your door. Whether that be at home or even in the office. Deliveroo operates everyday fron 12 noon till 11pm at night. Bear in mind though there is selected restaurants and not all eateries are open all the time Deliveroo does. So make sure you check the list in order not to be disheartened.
When you order from Deliveroo all you need to do is type your postcode into the seach engine on Deliveroo website to find which restaurants are available to you locally. I found the website really clear and straightforward to use.
What is also good about Deliveroo is that it gives you an estimate time for delivery. Which is really handy if you have children and want to plan around time.
You have to spend a minimum of £15 and there is a delivery cost of £2.50.
One downfall I feel is that you can only tip prior even if you have had a bad experience you still need to provide that tip. However, there is no pressure to give a tip and the choice is yours.

We opted for some food from a resturant called Las Iguanas We have never tried the resturant nor Deliveroo service so was exciting to try something new and alternative to the formal way you eat out. Because apparently the new trend is to stay in with a takeaway 😉

Anyhow, what you do is sign up with Deliveroo. On the homepage of Deliveroo you  type your postcode on the search engine and select a resturant from the list. Then menu is really clear and well descripted. I found the ordering really simple to do (which is not always something I am good at it). At the end of the order you add your bank card details. A bit of a shame Deliveroo does not have the option of PayPal but not too much hassle.
When the order is gone through you can monitor the process of what is happening. You get a email letting you know if your order has been accepted or not. Which I really like as you feel more in control and less anxious especially as it is all new to me.

As you can see in the screen shoot it highlights the process which has been completed. When the order has arrived there is a phone number and name of driver to content if any problems. You can even track where the driver is on Google maps so you know exactly what is happening (though I did not realise this at the time). Therefore giving you that peace of mind that food is coming soon.

It did take longer then it recommended by twenty minutes. Which I don’t mind as it was Saturday night and traffic could delay the driver. Plus it was also estimate so therefore only a guesstimate.

You can leave delivery instructions as well which I think is very helpful for the customer.

We live in a tower block that has a stupid intercom which does not have a ‘flat call’ button so the delivery driver did not know how to call through to our flat with the complicated keypad. But he got into the tower block and failing to get through to us on our mobile he phones his office who inturn phoned us so we popped down to get the food of him. Totally not his fault and he is really polite and courteous. We also spoke to the office and they were really friendly and helpful. Even ringing back to make sure our issue was resolved. Therefore having reassurance that customer service is really good so in future I know that I won’t have problems if anything else happens and it can get resolved quickly.

The food was really well packaged and insulated. It was like being at the resturant other then being in pj’s in the comfort of your own home. The food was fabulous and even the children enjoyed trying new flavours. The food was not soggy or cold. I thought it was well presented and well ordered in the bags.

Overall, I think you have to bear in mind if you pick a popular time then there may be a slight delay but it is worth it for someone to deliver for a treat and relaxed meal. My boys were super excited about someone delivering the food. I didn’t need to stress out with trying to keep my young children entertained and worry when they get bored and restless. Which is always a bonus. It provided a relaxed family meal which we could all enjoy at home.


Hubby chose coconut chicken with rice.




I opted for chargrilled chicken burger, chips and coleslaw.



Hubby a very happy chap tucking into his pork belly ribs.


This is my starter of a duck wrap with cranberry dressing.
The youngest happy to have finger food!
My eldest very much enjoying the experience!

You can find more information about Deliveroo here.

Cheers for reading X

 I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Research Panel, a group of parents Bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. We were treated to a meal by Delieveroo, in order to review their service.

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Losing my tiny little mind

Hey readers,

Warning frank and honest post!

I feel like shit, I an autisitic and I am looking after a 4 and 2 year old. My youngest went to nursery earlier and I took the eldest out to teach him to fly a kite. Being autistic is tough and being an autisitic parent is double tough. Constantly feeling like you are winging it and crippled with the guilt of having set backs that some parents don’t have. Worried how fucked up my children will be, never thinking that maybe they might be really understanding others. Because the media gives the impression all the time that parents with disabilities are bad for their development. I an negative, My glass is mostly half empty. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Both conditions interact with my thoughts and most of the time I feel dread of how I am going to manage mentally through out the day. Doubting whether I am doing right or wrong. Spending not enough time or spending too time thay they are clingy and not independent to play by themselves. It’s exhausting trying to get a balance right. I am trying to better myself to accommodate my faults. Paranoid at every stage because I worry about Autism and how that influences me as a mother. The only one good n
thing is I have successfully done was today teaching my son to fly a kite. I’m so proud of myself. OK it is not a lot but for me that is amazing achievement, especially as I did it all by myself. On the flip side I’m exhausted from my DS1 constant questions and attention seeking that I am pooped all afternoon. I have hardly been present and zoned out frequently. Now I feel really down and worry about being such a crap mum. Isn’t it frustrating being an autisitic mum you having to work with unconstructed grey areas that are constabtly shifting.

Anyhow don’t really know what the point of this post is other then if you are a autisitic parent questioning or doubting themselves then your not along with the battle!

Cheer for reading X

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