Renovation to the kitchen

Hey readers,

Spring is here and it makes me think of new possibilities. It is a time for a change and where better then renovating your home. I have put down some ideas that if I had the money or energy to do I would to help brighten up my home.

I have focused on a change in my kichen to try and give a more modern look. I would start with the blinds by swapping my old ones with a more modern design. I like the idea of these  venetian blinds by VELUX.  I would have the colour in the picture below as they are neutral and can blend well with other features in the room.

product page_venetian 4

I like the fact that these blinds are great for humidity areas such as the kitchen as the panels are slim panels making it easier to clean. The blind has the feature of blackout which has a big impact on reducing the amount of light particularly when watching a film. This will be brilliant as I can finally watch the TV screen without seeing relections of myself. Not to mention cutting the amount of sunlight shinning through into the kitchen. During the summer the sunshine shines right through the window. So being able to reduce the brightness when I am cooking will be really beneficial to me.  For a parent these blinds have electronical operating system giving you piece of mind with safety in the room. Also, it gives a more sophisticated look to the room.

Alternatively, I would give my kitchen a further improvement by adding a splash of colour with some bright colourful moasiac wall tiles.  I really love this tiles from ToppsTiles .


A different idea for the kitchen I had was to update the lightening to help with brightening up the area for practical use. Currrently, we have a covered up ceiling light that feels outdated. I would change the light fot a modern and stylish light. I like this light from Next (see below for picture). I like the design of the light dangling down in the room and giving it a more open feel. I like chrome finish as it is fairly neutral and will work with a variety of colours in the kitchen.


For storage purposes I would opt for this practical shelving from Ikea. A great solution for space management as living in a flat it can be quite limited. They may also be a fun way to display them cooking books and giving my kitchen a personal identity. Another point to make about the shelving with the colour being white can balance out the colour with the bright wall tiles.


Hope this inspired you for changes.

To find out more about VELUX blind company click here.

Cheers for reading X

This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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