Draycote Water Country Park

Hey readers,

Today we decided to venture out as a family to one of the local attractions close to us called Draycote Waters. It has a huge resivour and beautiful surroundings perfect for a family walk.

It was also sunny which warranted a picnic obviously! Which my eldest was very happy indeed as he loves having his own lunch bag.



My youngest loves food beyond believe! Here he is taking a BIG bite of daddy’s cupcake.

Typically the park was a hit with the boys with plenty to and go on.

I loved a walk along the resivour as it was so calm and peaceful. I could spend all day there with listing to the water lapping and the beautiful scenario around the area.

I love getting out walking and having rosy faced feeling afterwards. I took the opportunity to get some outdoor fresh air as we are soon doomed with cold weather. As anyone knows in England you have to get out when you can,haha!





Of course my boys loved doing some rolly pollys down the hill.





Cheers for reading X

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11 thoughts on “Draycote Water Country Park

  1. What a beautiful looking park and the boys look so happy out there with their picnic and rolling down the hills. There is nothing quite like a sunny English day and as you say you have to take advantage of them when they come along. A great place to enjoy some family fun together. I rather like the look of the canoeing out on the lake too. Thank you for joining me for #CountryKids

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