Pet peeves

Hey readers,

Let’s face it life ain’t peachy all the time. Sometimes life can somewhat be irritating. Therefore, I have wrote my pet peeves. *Maybe hormonal*. So instead of screaming at anyone that got in my way today I wrote about things that irritate the crap out of me (oh the joys of blogging).


1) When someone sits next to you and eats really loud. Particularly when they eat a bag of crisps really, really slowly, you fuckers!

2) The moment you realise no one is listening when your in a middle of a story and you slowly fade out as if you had never said anything.

3) Why is it when you go shopping with no money you find so many things you want. When you do have money you find it so hard to make a decision.

4) You read sentences of a book three times in the space of five minutes as you keep forgetting what you have read.

5) Singing the whole alphabet song to work out the next letter you want.

6) When people on the bus try to talk to you even though you have your earphones in listening to music.

7) When you say excuse me six million times and still that person in front won’t shift there butt out of the way.

8) When a person thinks if you are reading a book that you are doing sfa!

9) why do people say 24 months old when clearly it is two years!

10) When you are out shopping and you find a top you really want in every size other then yours, fml

Cheers for reading X

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