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Well it is the week where big news hits our household which is has my DS1 got his school placement. The answer is yes he has got his first choice. I love the fact hubby came in early hours of morning and shoves the tablet (with the email) in my face. Just what you want when your disorientated. Still my boy was beyond happy. The school he will attend is in the middle of being build. He watching it every day as he can see from out flat (16th floor). So he is loving watching even more and making links whilst getting all excited for September. But he does not like the idea of school uniform and has stated, “owwww that is boring!!!”. Kids hey already getting their own identify.
We had a slow weekend which was nice as we potted about, cooked, played, tided. I did the Sunday roast (not the best in the kitchen as I am rubbish at multitasking). Luckily the faithful roast is a safe meal and I can even do yorkies now thanks James Martin ;). It had been nice to take a slower pace particularly as the weather has been so pants.

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12 thoughts on “School

  1. Aah, that’s great news about the school placement. I remember being a bag of nerves last year waiting for the dreaded email! 😀 xxx #Wotw

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  2. Yeah and well done! It’s a scary moment waiting for that email (or envelope) but congrats on the great news! Next it’s shopping for school uniforms; our school allows them to have their own bags so my boy can still have his Superhero rucksack which gives him his own identity!

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