Park in the Spring

Hey readers,

Isn’t it lovely now we finally have some sunshine to enjoy. There is nothing better then to get outdoors and go to a park.

Now my youngest is a bit older he has slowly learnt to scooter courtesy of my DS1 teaching him.

We go to one of our favourite parks which is a drive away but it is worth it as it has plenty of greenery to zoom about on.

Not to mention the many attractions to play on at the park itself for all ages.

My boys love being outside instead of being couped up. They get a change to burn off some energy and I get to keep fit walking around.

We also managed to see the local wildlife with the frogs and tadpoles wiggling around freely in the pond.

I do love Spring when it is warm and everything is blossoming and looks so pretty wondering around.









Cheers for reading X

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8 thoughts on “Park in the Spring

  1. What a lovely park and worth a little drive to enjoy it. I can see those pathways being perfect for scooting along and wow to the frog. I’ve not seen any yet this year on the farm, but spring warmth has eluded us this year and I think they are waiting for warmer days. thank you for sharing some lovely photos of your visit with me on #CountryKids

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  2. It’s always worth going to parks further away if you know you can spend a while there with plenty of entertainment! I love the warmer spring days too. Its great isn’t it? #Countrykids

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