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This is for the simple obvious reason that the holidays have ended. The boys have returned to nursery. It is nice to come back to normality and run around the morning like a headless chicken once more. Still can’t believe that the holidays have ended. Though don’t get me wrong some days are dame tough with two young children to entertain especially as they were getting in the habit of waking in the night. 

We have also returned too our swimming lessons. My DS1 was happy as he is in the lessons with his precious friend a few months back. He has also gone up to stage two level which I am really proud of. It is amazing to see the transformation with how his confidence and listening skills have developed.

I had an afternoon to myself to go out and do what I wanted whilst hubby looked after the boys. Still feel strange about this and by half an hour the guilt was cripping in. It is so hard to get the balance right. But I won’t lie it was nice to shop in peace without worrying about a child bumping right left and centre in their path.


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12 thoughts on “Return

  1. Having life return to normal after the Easter holidays must be nice. I don’t blame you for being a proud Mum, I would be too, it’s amazing how learning something like swimming can boost confidence, hope he continues to gain confidence.


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    1. Thanks hun, it had really helped particularly listening which if my honest is not his best skill. But I have seen a considerable improvement and he feels really good about it too so helping his self esteem X


  2. I’ve enjoyed having The Boy with me and that first day I was quite miserable without him and then I realised that I could do what I wanted to do instead of the day being about him so I got over it lol. X

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