FTMOB 11/04/2016

Hey readers,

Hope you enjoyed your Easter hols! We have had lots of chat and exploring the environment from the boys.

1) My eldest son has informed me, “Mummys have big boobies so they have milk for babies to feed and go in their tummy”. My son is exploring his body at the moment and wondering why he has small nipples and adults have bigger ones, lol.

2) My DS2 has adopted his brother ‘s obsession of Minions and can spot Minion product a mile off. He loves saying, “Minion, banana”.

3) DS1 informed me that, “when he grows into an adult he will be a man. He will go with me to Wales to a pub and he will drink wine”. This made me howl!

4) When my DS1 saw some of my waspi tape he commenred and said, “aw, mummy your tape is really pretty”.

5) On the train with DS1 which happens to be a cross-country slow train. He observes, “train wibble wobble maybe some of the train has come of the track”. Just to clarify no train has come of the track. It is just a very wibbly wobbly train 😉

6) DS1 reminds me, “daddy got poorly knees because daddy has done a lot on his knees. That is why he has poorly knees”. It is also because he has arthritis in his knees!

7) When DS2 eats jelly babies he says, “babyyyyyy” then he bites head off very
sinisterly haha!

Cheers for reading X

Little Hearts, Big Love

6 thoughts on “FTMOB 11/04/2016

  1. It is lovely to write down some of the nonsense they talk, I mean their words of wisdom. And lots of fun to read other people’s too. It’s great to think of going to the pub with them in years to come 🙂
    x Alice #ftmob

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  2. Love that your eldest is going to go to Wales to a pub with you and drink wine and glad to hear that the train is just “wibbly wobbly” but love his thinking about whether it’s come off the track. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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