Day trip to Poole

Hey readers,

This week we decided to go on an adventure to Poole for a day out for the boys.
We planned it to get the most dry day this week which was lucky to have one!
When we reached Poole we were greated with the beautiful Poole Harbour. When we were out looking for food we could smell the fresh sea air. You can’t beat it especially if your from a city.


                   Poole Harbour


             Fish and chips.

We grabbed some fish and chips which were yummy. Nothing beats a bit of local sourced food to tuck into.


My son has reached his ultimate excitement with having his own wooden fork. This has totally blow his mind!


To reach the beach we wanted to get we had to travel on the ferry. My DS1 was mesmerised by this process. He had seen it on cebbies but to actually physical to do he was very much a happy little boy. Then the questions (my DS1 is very questitive). How do we get to the other side daddy? What’s that man for up there? What’s that noise? Haha! Therefore we had to explain all the ins and outs of the process from start to finish.

When we arrived on land we parked up and headed to the beach. It was lovely to walk on the bridge through the swamp.





My boys found a little area of paddle water to splash, chase and play ‘mud kitchens’. This is the bestest fun and to be free is the bees knees for little ‘uns.



          Here is the beautiful beach with breathtaking views!

I enjoyed a little downtime and just enjoying the moment. Did a bit of mindfulness and appreciated the sand between my toes. The smell of the air, the noise of the crash of the waves. My favourite thing to do at the beach is to simply lie back and cloud gaze.


Finally at the end of the day we caught the sunset on the way home. To me this a perfect way to end a great family day out.

Cheers for reading X

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12 thoughts on “Day trip to Poole

  1. Looks like a fab family day out! Seems like everyone had great fun… oh fish & chips just perfect by the sea, isn’t it? Lovely post and beautiful photos too! #sharewithme


  2. I live in Poole so I was immediately drawn to your blog post on the #madmidweek ! Looks like you had a lovely day and those fish and chips are the best (I recognised the box!!). Lovely photos, the beach is beautiful down there isn’t it xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh looks like you had so much fun. We love Poole. We have friends there and try to visit often but not often enough this makes me want to go now. Glad you had a great time and made some fond memories to capture again and again here. Thanks for sharing your family adventures on #ShareWithMe

    Liked by 1 person

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