Mcdonalds I love thee

Hey readers,

I love McDonald’s as it is the one place I can take my boys without too much stress. This is the reasons why you should go.

1) Where do I start, this place is heaven for me. It is child friendly and the kids frequently ask to visit. So they enjoy it too.

2) You make meals in boxes making it fun, what kid does not like opening it up and be filled with excitement.

3) McDonald’s have tablets (electronical) to keep kids entertained whilst you chill out without losing your shit waiting!

4) You get a free toy which get used frequently in our home even when months have passed it still stays a strong keeper.

5) My sons feel like they are grown up sitting on the stools. They are located near the window which is perfect for people and bus watching.

6) Therefore I can have time to calm down from the mayhem of shopping with toddlers and have a drink in peace. That my friends is living the parent dream!

7) It is cheap and great entertainment especially during holiday where other activities cost an arm and a leg.

8) It is child friendly so it’s ok if your kids aren’t perfect or shout.. No one cares as people tent to show more sympathy then disgust. Meaning you don’t have to feel like shit for daring to bring your children along.

happy as pigs in shit

Therefore McDonald’s I heart you.

Cheers for reading X


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15 thoughts on “Mcdonalds I love thee

  1. Yep I get what you mean about the looks you get when your kid decides to have a tantrum! I took my little man to a Mothercare the other day which has a Costa coffee in it and he decided he didn’t want to eat his crumpet instead he wants to have a fit, like that wasn’t bad enough this older lady decides to turn and stare … I gave her the look of death but I mean come on love if you want to have a quiet coffee piss off to a Costa which isn’t in a Mothercare! #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. Whilst I have a soft spot for McD’s my kid hates it so I haven’t been there for a while. I nipped in for a McFlurry on Saturday and thought I was stepping into the future! The tablets are a fab addition #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Love McDs, even after working there I never tired of their food, we tend to go to the drive thru though so haven’t tried their new ultra modern stores with tablets and electronic tills!

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  4. I have to agree! I’m so tired of hearing their food is not nutritious.. Yadada.. If this Mama canrelax and have some time out! Bring on the Chicken Nuggets! ๐Ÿ™‚ #brillblogposts

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  5. I must confess that Zach has no idea what McDonald’s is!! He’s been in there for a wee and he knows that the letter m is for mummy but that’s it! We have one really close to us and I don’t want him asking to go in there every time we have to visit pets at home. That said he is only three and a half – I am sure there will come a time when he does discover what’s in there and then he’ll be in there with his currently growing younger sibling! Although knowing him, he wouldn’t like the food anyway! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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