FTMOB – 28/03/2016

Hey readers,

Hope your enjoying easter hols. Here is the latest installment of chat from the boys.

1. My youngest is using more and more two word sentences. Whilst we were at the park the other day and he was racing around and he asked, “where’s Charles?!” searching high and low for his brother.

2. My eldest is using his knowledge skills in teaching his brother words. He is doing this by going through each shape from the shape sorter and telling him the colour. For example, “this is a purple triangle”. I just love how my son loves chatting and sharing his knowledge on to his younger brother. Even though he unaware of it.

3. That goes nicely into my next observation of my DS2 who when asked what colour anything is he will reply by saying, “pink”. I know that he knows the colours but I swear he just loves saying the word pink for fun, kids eh!

4. My DS1 has a love for all thinks ‘poo’ related as I have established in previous FTMOB posts. So it is no surprise when I introduced him to a children’s book called Poo Bum that for awhile every response was, “poo bum”. “are you OK?” He will reply, “poo bum”. “What would you like to eat?” again he would say, “poo bum”. Kids are funny in their obsessions!

5. The last week before Easter my DS1 has pestered me to search YouTube because, “I want to see where the Easter bunny lives”. Really cute!

Cheers for reading X

Little Hearts, Big Love

10 thoughts on “FTMOB – 28/03/2016

  1. Love that your eldest is trying to teach his little brother things and that your youngest is putting more and more words together. Isn’t it funny how they get fixated on a particular colour – everything was “lellow” for a while as far as my youngest was concerned. I love the way your eldest wanted to search Youtube and find out where the Easter bunny lives – did you find anything that helped answer that question? Thanks for linking up to #ftmob ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Aww! Where does the Easter bunny live?? Love that eldest is teaching the little one things – so sweet! & what is it with little kids & colours? My eldest toddler has recently started being quite good with colour naming, but for ages she knew them, could correctly identify them & say them right when she wanted, but ask her what a colour was and she would deliberately say the wrong colour! #ftmob

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