First blogging anniversary

Hey readers,


Only just noticed that on the 9th March 2015 was the first post I ever wrote. It is now over a year, I know where has the time gone.  I remember when I first started blogging thinking how can you get constant material to write about but you will be amazed at what inspires you to write. Here is what I have learnt about blogging.

1. You are constantly in the back of your mind thinking about suitable blogging material.

2. You have to be organised as it can take over. You have to evaluate what you want and how much time you want to put in.

3. Blogging is very addictive believe it or not.

4. It is your blog,  your voice and your choice on what direction you want it to go in. For instance if you don’t like Pinterest dont do it. Just remember to be yourself.

5. You are constantly learning and I have learnt the terms DA or SEO and feel so clever 😂 😂 😂.

6. It is OK to say no. I will be honest with you in that in the past I have had problems saying no to everything. What is key is doing what suits you and your blog. As long as you are polite there will be no worries about it.

7. I love linkies and it is a great way to get people to notice you and vice versa.

8. Plan and get some sort of structure or you can get lost and confused very easily. I love schedule as it helps me plan better.

9. Blogging is better when you enjoy it rather then doing it to fit in.

10. It is OK to have a break.

Cheers for reading X


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21 thoughts on “First blogging anniversary

  1. Happy blog birthday – what a lovely milestones! Definitely agree with all of your list – especially the advice to be yourself, focus on enjoying it and don’t be afraid to take a break. Blogging is definitely very addictive too! 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday – all your pouts are so true – I’ll be doing my year round up soon – interesting stuff – popping over from #BrillBlogPosts – i especially like the comment about blogging being addictive lol! Cx

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  3. Happy Blog Birthday! I had mine last month and had a very similar list! I agree completely that blogging is addictive and can overwhelm you. I also agree that you need to structure and put in what you want. Hope all goes well in your second year! #BrillBlogPosts

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  4. Congratulations on reaching your first blogging anniversary. Blogging is totally addictive, but in a nice way and there really is no point in blogging if you don’t enjoy it. I love the fact that as a blogger we say what goes on our blogs and can choose if and when we want to take a break.

    Wishing you many more blog birthdays!


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  5. Congrats. I just hit one year myself. I also find that it is something that always seems to be in the back of my mind now. New post ideas, upcoming linkies, pictures that I need, ect. I usually have three different note books going at any given time

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  6. Happy anniversary! I think it’s so important to keep clear about why you blog in the first place and to do things because you want to, and not because everyone else is saying you should do. Recognising what activities aren’t for you and saying no to them is a constant battle, but one worth fighting. #brilliantblogposts

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  7. Happy blog birthday! You have put together a great list of blogging tips. It is so important to have a break and NOT feel guilty about it…and it is so true about the addictive bit. #justanotherlinky

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  8. Happy blog Birthday!!!
    So much YES to number one! I am constantly saying things like “Oh wait, let me take a picture, this would be great for the blog!” Haha! Blogging is totally addictive, and I’m finally starting to catch up on the organization aspect of it all haha. I participated in my first linkies in this past week, and LOVED it soooo much, so I will definitely be doing more. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings for your blog ❤


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