Ten rubbish thoughts

Hey readers,

Today I feel really depressed and shitty. I have been really struggling with being a mum this weekend. Dread has overshadowed everything and  I constantly have that feeling that my throat is being pulled (God dame you anxiety).
I have wrote down my negative thoughts as a way to realise them as you feel so guilty feeling this way.


1) I am shit mum who can not wait till bedtime so I can stop thinking how to entertain children.

2) I want to run away and hide and go somewhere quite so my head can switch off.

3) I am a pathetic excuse fo a mother that can’t even manage a day by herself without support from my husband.

4) I hate life.

5) what the fuck I meant to be doing?!

6) I am not a natural at this, ffs!!

7) I can not cope with intense periods of time with a person, I need to be sectioned.

8) I am going to get a visit from social services as I can’t be bothered to get the paint out.

9) The TV has been on way to long today, my children are going to have damaged relationships later in life.

10) Who in there right minds let me be a mother.

I wrote this when I escaped to my room for a break as I was an emotional wreck. I now realise ny thoughts are a bit far fetched. Nonetheless this is what goes on sometimes and I feel pants because of it. Some are my struggles are down to not being naturally equipped with the right skills as I am autistic.

Cheers for reading X

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16 thoughts on “Ten rubbish thoughts

  1. We all feel this way as mothers! We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mother and when fail to be perfect, because none of us are so we are going to fail, we hate ourselves for it. You’re doing great. I have actually done that a few times with my own kids where I just had to lock myself in my room and told my kids, “mommy needs a time-out!” They got a kick out of that, lol! I hope things are better for you now! #effitfriday

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  2. You are definitely an awesome mother. Pretty certain at some point every mother has thought those things. I have. And we are ALL awesome mothers because we care about a) our children and b) ourselves enough to be pissed off when we have reached our limit and realise we need to do something about it. Hope things are improved this weekend. #effitfriday

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  3. I’ve definitely had some of these thoughts!Some nights I can’t wait for them to go to bed either,my daughter is going through a stage where she constantly wants me to play with her and it wears you down when it’s all day long.Then you feel guilty for thinking you just want 5 mins to yourself x #tenthings


  4. I hope you’re feeling a bit better about things. Being a parent really isn’t easy and I think we all have some of these thoughts sometimes, but the fact you care so much shows you are a good mum. Don’t let the mum guilt get to you lovely. Thanks for linking up to #TenThings

    Stevie x

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  5. You are certainly not alone in your thoughts, we can’t all be perfect mothers all of the time, and I am sure the ones that pretend to be, really aren’t as perfect as they like everyone to think! Hope you are feeling a little better xxx

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