Sods law for parents

Hey readers,

We all hate them situations that happen when we least want to deal with them. It happens a lot with my boys and sometimes it begs the question if sometimes my children do it just for the laughs. Check out the list below:

1. Wipe snot onto your  trousers – yep my children do this disgusting habit! You feel that you as an individual are merely there for their convience to do what they want to you.

2. Why do children get up the same time in the morning no matter what time they go to bed evening it does not matter  how late they go to bed they still  seem to master getting up every day the same every fucking time, sods!

3. When you are just about to leave the home after half an hour wrestling with getting my boy ready, boom he does the biggest, stinkist poo in the world and it gets everywhere. You question just how such a small human being can create such a massive amount of faeces.

4. When you get round to thinning out the children’s toys suddenly they become attached to that one item that they have not seen for months.

5. The moment when your arrive at the supermarket the little monkey falls asleep in the car. Then you have to wake them up and be greated with a mardy bum all around the supermarket, fun times.

6. Why is it when I collect my DS2 from nursery he will drop and fall all the way out of the building and after we have left the premises he is absolutely charming!

7. When I get on the bus there is always some old dear at the front where I can’t run away. They so kindly like to tell me some ‘lovely’ piece of advice on how to parent or question my ability to parent. Go fuck yourself you know nothing about me or my situation.

8. Why is it when you try to have the fastest shower in the world that something happens. It is either my DS1 within seconds will need a wee even when asked prior does he need to go and saying no. Or an argument will erupt where hubby needs assistance in breaking it up a major meltdown.

9. The first day back to nursery after holidays you end up getting hit with a cold, grrrrr!

10. Every time you always get the Lego out you will at one point stand on a piece of, the little fuckers!

Cheers for reading X

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15 thoughts on “Sods law for parents

  1. Yes, yes & once again ohhh yes! The baby has taken to doing a poo right before we leave the house, every time, especially fun when I’m running late for getting the girls to nursery. And Lego, hair clips, kinder egg toys, beads & marbles often litter the girls bedroom… Ouch!


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  2. My boys are 10 and almost 12 now and to be honest I’m almost wistful for these days back again – but then mine have always been heavy sleepers who like lie ins, that definitely helps 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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  3. Yep, this all sounds very familiar. Especially the spending ages getting them ready to go out and then they fill their nappy in spectacular style. Oh and the wiping snot, or dribble or any other bodily fluid on me. I am a human tissue. Lovely! Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Lucy xxxx


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