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Hey readers,

I love a linky but I also get irritated by certain aspects of the linky business. I am going to write my reasons about how I feel my regarding the whole linky business.

1) When I first started out blogging and didn’t know much about it I found linkies a great way to get noticed as it were. But also they helped me get awareness
of others.

2) When joining in with linkies are a great source of inspiration and ideas from others.

3) Certain linkies have themes to them. Which is great if your stuck for something to write about and can give you focus.

4) Downfall with some linkies is their are certain conditions attached such as having to comment on X amount. I understand this can be a fairer way of getting comments for others and sharing the love. On the other hand I don’t like the pressure of choosing. You then can’t be bothered to link up as you got to remember the rules. It can be a right drag. At times I feel a bit of a cheat with not being genuine but doing a comment because it is a rule. I hate having to think of something for the of post that I be to go to. On contract when I have the choice to chose to comment on a blog it tends to be something I am interested in. Therefore I tend to have an opinion on and can way something that is beneficial rather then just blagging a comment for the sake of it.
Likewise I don’t want others to comment on my blog posts because they feel forced into it. I much perfer someone to have the choice to read or comment because they want to. I honestly would opt to have no comments or no one read my posts over being told to do so.

5) Linkies can help you connect with like minded people. There is something lovely when you write something and you get comments from others who identity with it. It makes you feel bot so alone.

6) Linkies can help grow your blog and spread awareness to your material.

7) one of the things you have to bear in mind when linking is the fact that it can be time consuming. You have to make the effort to post on social media and comment back. Though I think this is fair deal are signing up for the service in a sense.

8) Personally for me if I join too many I can get overwhelmed with what is happening and feel like I don’t know whether I am coming or going. It can also make me lack motivation and not want to work on my blog so therefore I have to remind myself that it is my blog, my space and have the choice to participate in what I want. You can easily get consumed by the whole blogging world but sometimes it is good to take a step back and reflect what blogging means to you. Though everyone is different and you do what makes you happy.

9) Linky parties help find some great Bloggers that I love reading and find that I return frequently. Linkies have helped me understand the blogging world better and how to design my blog to a more personal level.

10) A downfall is when you go on to blogger’s Linky and there are a million ads that pester you sign up for weekly emails. Trust me I have enough junk as it is in my inbox to not want to add extra stuff to it. If I like something I go hack and return on my own devices. I hate the kind of hard sell in any way shape for form in my life so it goes without saying that I detest it in the blogging world!

Cheers for reading X

A Cornish Mum
You Baby Me Mummy

12 thoughts on “Linky business

  1. I cut down a lot on the amount of linkys I take part in at the start of the year because it got too time consuming. I do enjoy them though for all the reasons you mention – finding new blogs, interacting etc. I know what you mean about commenting being time consuming, but if you want others to comment on your posts it’s only fair to comment on some others. As someone who runs a linky, I have a rule that people have to comment on two posts. If this rule wasn’t in place, most of the people linking up would comment anyway because it’s just manners, but if it’s not a hard and fast rule, there will always be someone who thinks its ok to not participate properly and just link dump. I think that’s the logic behind the rule for most linkys. #effitfriday

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    1. I totally accept evert thing you are saying and appreciate the rules to a make it fair for everyone. I just perfer it if I could comment on posts I like the rather then comment post above as I don’t feel genuine and sometimes just wing it as I don’t know what to say X

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  2. I don’t like being forced to comment or share the post directly in front of me. I tend to comment a lot, but on posts where I have something genuine to say. Like you, I don’t want a comment just because of where I was on the list.

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  3. I only got into Linkys in the last few months and I love how it’s really opened up a new world of getting my blog noticed but also meeting other bloggers and finding some other good reads. I can see how joining too many linkys can be completely consuming as it takes up so much time, but I think that’s the beauty in it, that you can pick and choose according to which topic suits you or even which day best suits you! #TheList

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  4. I also prefer to have free choice over which links I comment on rather than having to post on the one before, which may or may not be something I would have chosen to read, however I understand why the rule is in place. I have been trying to join in with as many linkies as possible recently, because I enjoy them and they seem like a good way of promoting my blog without having to be all up in people’s faces all over Twitter writing things like “just in case you missed it” next to some old post, which isn’t really my thing. However it does get a bit overwhelming as there seems to be new ones popping up all the time and I literally can’t keep up! #thelist

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    1. Definately, it can be overwhelming and time consuming. But at the end of the day you what makes you comfortable and that fits in with you. I get you with the whole twitter, I can’t really be arsed with promotkng I’m just not the forceful hard seller type, ha. X


  5. I don’t always like the rule, comment on the one directly before yours, but I see it’s point. Posts that have attention grabbing headlines garner more clicks and comments, and it must be disheartening for someone to not get any comments when they are putting the effort in. That said, I much prefer picking my own and going through linkys finding posts that interest me!

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  6. Thanks for linking up to #TenThings I am waayyyy late in my commenting this month it re-opens on Friday! As for linkies obviously I like them ha, but I do run TenThings and Pick n Mix differently, TenThings is my smaller linky baby and I let anyone comment on whatever post they like, PicknMix I try and say the post before yours solely to try and keep things fair – its a difficult juggling act to keep everyone happy though 😉

    Stevie x #TenThings

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    1. Haha thanks sorry I totally understand the love spread it is if a lot of linkies you have to remember which rule etc and sometimes I am not genuine on what I say. But I get it and it is must hard for the person organising the linkie to get it right and fair X


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