Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


It just seems to be me but in my household I am freezing even when the sunshine is out. Though can’t moan too much as it has been beautiful and I have enjoyed getting out and snapping some beautiful sunsets. Which is probably good as hubby is rearranging wires and moving furniture around . The kitchen and living room is chaos. I hate mess and disruption. I dont know how other people copy with it but it leaves me feeling irritated and powerless. I think I am a control freak and like order. I hate it when things are not in order and a mess. Though I have been colouring more as a result to help distress me and take my mind away from the sawdust floor. On a positive note we had a Chinese and oh my word have not had one for a long time but it was amazing and thr added benefit of not having to worry about cooking. 

I have also joined a course to teach me the skills to be mindfu. I can’t promise I will be chilled and less anxious . still I am willing to learn anything that might help me be more  relaxed.

Hope you have a good week!

Cheers for reading X


The Reading Residence

8 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Its cold. Its even colder inside the house for me as our house is just cold even if I am wearing my outside jacket in.

    I can so get you with the mess. Like you I want things in order and currently the house is so full of tiny things that overwhelms me. I am slowly trying to tidy. Slowly moving things, hiding things and binning a lot.

    I think coloring will do wonders! I run to photography when things get too much.


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  2. I have been feeling the cold terribly too – it’s not nice! I’m normally the one who is as hot as an oven, but over the last year or so that’s changed. Even had to wear socks to bed! 🙂 xxx #wotw

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