Weekend Box Club Research

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I have previously reviewed Weekend Box Club Review and now I have looked at the research carried out by 1,214 parents across the UK. The prominent message taken from the research is the importance of spending quality time with their families.

With this in mind this has motivated the weekend box company to push forward more fun activities at the weekend through the boxes.

I know myself as a parent how hard it is to plan fun things with kids. The boxes are great in providing structure and ideas. It is also gives parents the opportunity to get inspired  with the boxes. All the materials are provided in the box for you. Therefore you don’t have to think about too much so you can concentrate on the activities and spend time together as a family.
Time can be sparse with having children what with  the endless to-do-lists so the Weekend Box Club provides time schedules and level of difficulties where you can plan in the fun. You feel like you are winning as a parent because you have incorpated fun, learning and spending quality time together. This is backed up with the research done by the Weekend Box Club who found in a survey of 1,200 parents 90% of them would love to spend more time with their children. We all know parenthood can be mental not to mention the pressures making it that much harder to spend time as a family. As you can see below the info graph from Weekend box club research shows visually the positive benefits.


If you are interested in the Weekend Box Club and details about the subscription can be found here: Weekend Box Club

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*I was asked to write a  post on Weekend Box Club research though personal opinions are entirely my own expressed*.

A Cornish Mum

3 thoughts on “Weekend Box Club Research

  1. This is a great idea. A lovely way to inspire parents with new things to do with children! #PicknMix


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