Trespass Duffle Wool Coat Review

Hey readers,

I was recently asked by Trespass to review one of their items.  As it has been so cold later and I take my boys to the park regularly I chose a Duffle Wool Coat in charcoal colour. It is made from a wool blend. Inside there is a quilted lining with soft padding which helps trap heat in when needed out and about. 

Inside the hood it is lined with tartan. which I absolutely love for material and style.

The coat comes with adjustable wrist straps which is great for keeping you all snug in the colder weather outdoors.

There is a full zip and toggles to give you that extra comfort and warmth.

I find there sizing perfect for me and their range goes up to a xxl. They also do clothing in men and children’s range. 

I particularly love as a parent the large pockets so that I can fit my toddlers beaker inside and the thousands of stones they seem to collect outside.

I like the colour of the coat being charcoal as it compliments many different outfits.

I have to say the quality of the coat is fantastic. It is super soft and I have adopted it as my new firm favourite coat. It is fantastic in going outdoors and it is not too heavy in weight so I don’t feel overheated but at the same time it feels snuggly when out the cold weather. So that makes it perfect for a day out. I definately recommend Trespass as they have a wide range of ladies casual jackets which is fantastic for the great outdoors. You can find other products here: Ladies Casual Jackets



Cheers for reading X

Family Fever

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